Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Big gulp of air - Aaah, whooo...

Another day goes by and then another. This blog sits dormant and dusty. Without advertising pressure, (poof - gone!) I leave the sad, vague words that I'd rather push to the back of my mind and further down from the top, garnering the stray hits that visit. Hi there! Thanks for coming by. Oh look... a new post! Finally.

So here goes nothing, but wait something. Strawberry turned six. The age for me that held some of my most defining moments. Six! A year that brought the first time for sitting at desks and what was then a rite of passage, chickenpox. The year my teacher gave me two gold stars for cleverly handing in a page in my workbook "This is a picture of _______" and I filled in Nothing. Lesson learned: Be creative in finding ways to get out of doing work and you will be rewarded grandly!

Poor Strawberry came down with the flu before her big day, missed school and didn't even want to lick the icing off her cupcake.

Strawberry, I hope that you hold many memories close to your heart from this momentous year. Times of giggles, pure fun and magical ideas.

I made a huge batch of rainbow sprinkled cupcakes to take to daycare for her celebration. They ended up being tasty treats for the office. A few days later I went round two with the cupcakes and made more colourful sweets.

When I am not avoiding writing obscure nonsense to post here, I spend my free time doing my new favourite thing. Blip-blip blipty blipping, now new and improved with videos too!

My addictive personality and me are hook, line and sunk with this obsession. Be a DJ! So many songs, so little time... Sing along. Come and dance or wallow with me. I bounce all over the map depending on my many moods. My ramblings there are lyrics that I fancy from the songs that catch my heart. My station is updated way more frequently with beats and lush harmonies. It's so much easier to express myself with other people's music.