Friday, November 30, 2007

Will Blog For Bananas

Last year this time I was giddy and singing.

"Everyday, everyday, everyday I write the blog."

This year I am relieved.

I have to say I have been whipping some of these late night posts out with zero brainpower and I am afraid it shows. Badly. Seriously I should have hired a monkey.

My favourite posts this month that likely got lost among the filler were an ode to Buttercup, pondering marriage and of course a video of our girls wish lists from the big guy, the one and only person who has the power to get them to put their toys away. That's right. Santa won't bring any more toys if they are not all put away nice and tidy. I have to make that work for at least forty five days a year.

Probably the best thing I wrote this month was one of the rare comments that I left:

"Most children are afraid of Santa. There is something about that jolly man with his white beard and red suit that is scary. On the other hand, children from around the world flock to Brad Pitt. I say we change the image of Santa to Brad Pitt. Women will be lining up from coast to coast to sit on his lap."

This was in response to this post.

Now that December is upon us, I will concentrate on getting more intelligent thought on to this page. Hopefully it will occur a little more regularly but obviously it is something that cannot be forced.

An extra special thank you to those that continue to pay me a visit and ooey, gooey sweet cookies to those that leave me a few words. I am forever in debt to you!

By the way, I don't even like bananas.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Style

I take great pleasure in the romance of Christmas. Decorating the tree, baking cookies, holiday parties, Christmas carols, family gatherings, greeting cards, wrapping presents, and on and on...

Another fun aspect to the season is dressing our daughters in holiday party outfits! During a recent trip to Costco, I came across some fancy dresses. I picked out two and held them up for Colin's approval. Immediately he refused. He hated them. Colin is one of those dads with a strong opinion on fashion. In one sense it is great because he has come home with some adorable clothing items for the girls but I still find it strange when he vetoes some of my picks.

He has decided that our daughters will not wear black, shiny dresses. I protested that this is typical holiday wear for toddlers. He feels that they look Italian. Well fashion guru husband, what do Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, English, German, Polish, Ukrainian Canadians wear for the holidays? Italian fashion designers want to know.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Photo Booth

Here you will find me striking a pose at the Dove Party at BlogHer '07 in Chicago with super models the Chocolaty Birthday girl and Motherbumper! Let's just say that glass of red wine was not a prop.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mama Rocks

Today I am over at Pop Rocks!

We all know that children say some incredibly entertaining things. It is only appropriate that celebrities that entertain us would likely have some great wisdom to share. I have found ten random quotes that have given me something to ponder...

"The less you know, the more you believe." - Bono

...keep reading Intellect without the Melody

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hush Hush

Ever since Strawberry was about fifteen months old she has always been shy around others outside of our home. She will cling to me for the first half hour of any family gathering until she warms up to her surroundings. Buttercup has been taking notes. Now anytime she doesn't want to do something she lowers her eyes and coos I'm too shy.

It's time for supper.

I'm too shy.

Let's get you in the bathtub.

I'm too shy.

All evening I have had Kajagoogoo's "Too Shy" stuck in my head.

100% sociable, bashful, extrovert and working us.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


We took a roll of wrapping paper and created a backdrop. Then we added two sugar infused, cranky pants girls and tried to create a holiday picture. We used every trick in the book.

Come on! Santa wants to see you smile.

Then we put on some music and bribed them with Smarties.

Merry, Merry 2007!

I am still not set that this is the photo. I was getting a glare from the lighting on the shiny paper and that hair in Buttercup's face is driving me mad. I may attempt another photo session when they are in happier spirits because I like to inflict pain upon myself. You can see the professional 2006 photos here and this year's multiple outtakes over here.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Contract of Marriage

Bavarian politician, Gabriele Pauli, proposed that marriages should expire after seven years. At first when I read the headline in the newspaper I scoffed at the absurdity. While this theory does promote the idea of divorce, I think there might be a secret to happiness that lies within it.

She suggested that after seven years couples should agree to extend their marriage or it should automatically dissolve. This concept actually makes sense to me. Most people would consider indefinite legal contracts to be unfair and unreasonable. Looking at marriage like it is just a contract is dreary. However knowing a decision has to be made in seven years would encourage couples to keep the romance alive. It might make people work harder at maintaining a good relationship.

The institution of marriage has received the reputation of being like a prison with your spouse being your ball and chain. Commitment phobia is a well-known phenomenon. The 'M' word was forbidden from my language during my twenties.

Traditionalists would oppose this concept but if the government worked in a tax break for couples that renewed their marriage contract then it would further encourage long term marriages.

If nothing else there would certainly be more parties!

Nineteen more months?

Friday, November 23, 2007


All I want is sleep
Could be getting a virus
NaBloPoMo low.

If I ever get around to it, next up is why good marriages end. A thinky post that is too hard to come up with when your brain is completely turned off. Surely three sentences should not be such torture for you and me.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am thankful that not every day is as crappy as today has been. I am thankful that today is over and now I can go to bed. Sleep tight internets.

what flavor of pie are you?

blueberry pie

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fire Dance

While I love having Thanksgiving in October, I always find myself envious of Americans a month later. I am ready for a holiday and a feast. Eat some pie for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Enquiring Minds

Kyla wants to know my personal theme song.
I believe that love brings true happiness so I guess "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles should be my theme song.

It seems my other two readers do not have any questions. They likely come here to find out if today is the day that I am taken away to the nice place with the padded walls. Not yet my friends. Not yet. However the window of opportunity has now closed.

I will be asking the questions from now on!

Is it just me or do those Ontario government emergency survival kit commercials have you spooked? It feels like Y2K all over again. I want to know if you have a survival kit. Do you think they are trying to prepare us for an emergency because they know something that we don't? Please share any conspiracy theories!

Do you think they have received threatening messages from far away alien life force? Do you think Canadian weatherologists have been able to determine horrible storms will soon hit our country? Do you think they have begun to prepare us for Nostradamus's predictions? Is there room in Tom Cruises' shelter? How many boxes of cereal will I purchase? Do you think I will look good in that white jacket?

Luckily I already have a good supply of chocolate and vodka.

Surely I have given you something to expand on. Fill my comment box before it is too late...

Monday, November 19, 2007

8 x Fun - Hassle

Gabriella tagged me in the crazy eight meme.

Eight Things I am Passionate About
My daughters, my husband and my extended family

Eight Things I Say Often
Fooheart (This is my official swear word.)
Oh no. We're going to be late.
I'll have another coffee.
I better not. (As in have another coffee.)
It is my turn on the computer. (Our desktop is no longer an option so Colin and I must share the laptop.)
Strawberry says, "Guess what?" I answer, "What?" She replies, "Nothing." We giggle.
You can have a treat after supper.
It's not sorcery. (I don't really say this but my coworker is trying to make this popular.)

Eight Books I've Read Recently, or that are currently collecting dust waiting to be read
The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Child Star by Matt Thorne
Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland
Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die
This is the hardest question for me. I guess I now realize that I am living life daily without real goals that maybe other people have. I just want to continue to enjoy life.
Travel to new locations
Eat delicious meals
Watch films and read books that inspire and entertain
See my children grow, fall in love and accomplish their dreams
Love my husband for the man that he is
Spend time with good friends
Continue to learn about life
Have a clean house for more than one day in a row

Eight Songs I Can Listen To Over and Over
"Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam
"Heaven or Las Vegas" by Cocteau Twins
"Not Myself" by John Mayer
"DARE" by Gorillaz
"Together" by The Raconteurs
"Drown" by Smashing Pumpkins
"Walking After You" The Foo Fighters
"Heartbeat" by Tahiti 80

Eight Things That Attract Me to My Friends
A kindred spirit
Common sense
Common interests

Eight Things I Learned In the Past Year
Money is disappearing faster.
I am not the risk taker that I once was.
I need to do more for the environment.
That routine bores me silly.
That time is escaping me.
That procrastination is making me feel guilty.
I should be learning something.
Britney Spears needs some serious help.

I am guessing the eighth question is where I am supposed include eight bloggers to harass tag. Instead ask me a question in the comments. I'll answer it tomorrow with a link back to you!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hiding the Happiness

To keep the masses content before things got started, the clowns barreled down the street handing out Cadbury Mini Eggs by the truckload. The excitement completely overwhelmed me. I fought back tears of joy. My daughters used deep concentration to focus on the chocolate treat. My husband, who was with us, thinks I have lost it. These are the days.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

'Tis The Season

Standing around the water cooler on Friday, the conversation, which of course was focused on weekend plans, landed on the Santa Claus Parade.

While 1500 people are marching and more than half a million people line Toronto's streets, another profession is experiencing a boom in business. One of the guys in my office heard an interview on the radio with a call girl who proclaimed that the Santa Claus Parade is the busiest time of the year for women in her line of work. It seems that moms are taking the children to the parade while dads are taking care of some personal business. Ho ho ho. It brings a whole new meaning to being jolly.

Colin's talking about cover songs over at Pop Rocks.

Here is one of my favourites.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Twenty Eight

To my little peanut Buttercup,

Twenty eight months ago you changed my world by making your grand appearance. The love I have for you is endless. In fact everyone around you falls head over heals for you. It is an easy thing to do because you show your affection in leaps and bounds.

You embrace me often with strong, full on squeeze hugs. You want to keep everyone happy and show concern for others. When you are upset, everyone knows because you feel emotions with deep intensity.

As I have watched your personality enlarge, I can't help but think you are incredibly like me. We most certainly share similar interests. You are my girlie girl with a strong maternal instinct and a passion for music. I love to listen to you sing and watch you get your groove on.

At your age, your big sister had a strong aversion to dresses while you demand them. I have had to purchase many because I obviously did not have enough. Smart girl! You found a way to get around those hand me downs.

Your daycare was overwhelmingly impressed with how quickly you knew all the other children's names. You could even pronounce them all. That is not an easy thing to do with the names that were given in 2005. I am awed with your social skills. Your aura draws others to you. Even your big sisters friends are enamored with you.

You adore Strawberry and hate to be parted from her. The bond that I have seen between you and her makes my heart balloon up and lifts me off my feet.

Lately your favourite things to say are "I did it!" and "That's me!" with enormous pride. You use your signature phrase "Whaaaaaaaat?" at anything that excites you.

I cannot believe how fast these twenty eight months have gone by. My baby has turned into a little girl.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Money Goes

Thirteen things I have or will be spending money on.

1. Vanilla Bean Natural Oven Roasted Almonds - I bought some in California and can't find them in Canada yet. They are so delicious. Please Canadian grocers, contact Blue Diamond today!

2. Metromint - It is water and real mint. This drink contains no sugars and no sweeteners. It is refreshing beverage boasting the many natural health benefits of mint and it comes in a cool bottle.

3. Sheppard Girls headbands. - These vintage inspired stylish headbands are great for hiding roots.

4. Mothergoosemouse's Etsy shop - i feel pretty... oh so pretty - She makes beautiful hair clips for little girls. It will be the perfect accent for their holiday outfits.

5. Magic Blogging Pills - They are only $9.99 a bottle. I'm taking orders now.

6. Both sparkly and orange Play-Doh - Santa asked me to run an errand or two.

7. Quickpay Tim Card - Tim Hortons does not allow payment by debit card and I never seem to have cash. I most certainly require coffee.

8. Red Bicyclette - Sandra introduced me to this French wine.

9. Children's Tylenol - Buttercup has been fighting a fever.

10. Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy Tea - When I'm not drinking water, coffee or wine, I'll have a nice cup of tea. It's good to stay hydrated.

11. Tickets for Trail of Dead, The Backyardigans - Quest for the Extra Ordinary Aliens and Elves in the Workshop.

12. New music - Echos Silence Patience & Grace - Foo Fighters, Chase This Light -Jimmy Eat World, Coco - Colbie Caillat, As I Am - Alicia Keys, Black & White Album - The Hives, In Rainbows - Radiohead...

13. Lottery Tickets - If the sales on the magic blogging pills don't take off, I'll need to find another way to pay for all my purchases.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stop This Crazy Train

The women's washroom is a place that holds many stories. It is bizarre how walking through those doors can instantly change relationships. Some women become best friends with anyone that shares a couple minutes of interaction. The exchange of secrets, gossip and sometimes tears are all typical confidential commotion. This has to be one of the biggest differences between men and women.

The office washroom is a necessary escape after chain drinking coffee. I usually practice the quick no nonsense approach. I avoid chitchat, as that can be risky, not knowing who could be in another stall. I was washing my hands today while a woman from a different organization was primping. We were not engaging in conversation. All of sudden she broke the silence by singing one line of a song. I couldn't help but smile when I heard "Your body is a wonderland." She then carried on like it had never happened.

Do you think she was channeling John Mayer? Wrap that boy up and put a bow on him.

Monday, November 12, 2007


A misty day means that my hair was bound to frizz. Still the warmth in the November air and the grayness was romantic.

Driving home I saw a captivating sight of an open umbrella positioned in a second floor window. It felt like there was some kind of hidden meaning in the view being that it was raining outside but the umbrella was open on the inside. I wish I could have stopped my car to take a picture of it.

I got to spend time with a good friend that I don't get to see nearly enough. She took me out for sushi and we were given complimentary deep fried bananas. Yum.

Then we caught a private showcase of the "Bubbly" Colbie Caillat.

It was a wonderful day.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Me No Wanna Play

Every possible creative thought has vacated the premises. In truth, it is the complete lack of energy I have to write any of the topics that I have stored away for this month. I can't expel the brainpower to put together cohesive sentences.

I had fallen asleep and I was trying to pull myself out of the haze. My eyes felt glued shut. I could barely move my slumbering self as my brain raced, pretending to write today's post. It was like when you know you have to go to the bathroom but don't want to wake up so you dream you've gone to the bathroom.

Sweet husband pulled out a bag of dark M&M's to entice me. I'm popping the colourful candy like it's a magic blogging pill. At this rate I will soon require a whole new wardrobe.

Here is where you insert comments telling me to give up NaBloPoMo because I'm boring you to tears.

Wait! Let me offer you this. Sensitive Dave will make it all better.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Professing My Love

Every day I wake up with you on my mind.
I cherish every moment that I hold you close.
If I'm having a bad day, I fix it by escaping to you.
When I'm cold, you fill me with warmth.
Oh how I love you.
I don't mind when you keep me up all night long...
I had no idea how much I relied on you until today.
We were kept apart and I couldn't function.
I know I share my addiction for you with countless others.
But I think of our relationship as special.
I can't live without you my dear coffee.
Tomorrow we will be together again...

While I was obsessing over my lack of coffee, niloc was busy getting his pop rocks off.

Ticket Monopoly

It is pretty hard to beat a great band in a small venue when it comes to concerts. The sound beats any arena. You can actually see the band members perform and usually there is a much greater interaction between the stage and the crowd.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are coming back to Toronto. Yes, they have a bizarre name but they always give a very theatrical performance of their own brand of indie rock. They have always performed in various clubs but this show coming up will be the most intimate show yet. I had to get tickets. After calling a good buddy and my brother I then started out to find tickets.

Typically I always try the independent record stores first. In Toronto we have Rotate This!, Sonic Temple and Soundscapes. These stores are usually staffed by cool and knowledgeable employees, far better than any big chain store. So after work I hit Queen West and run into Rotate This! and ask for four Trail Of Dead tickets. The guy behind the counter was surprised to hear me ask about the band. He quickly shouted to the guy in the back to check if they were selling them while digging through the box of tickets they keep under the counter. They didn’t have them. He starts to explain that this is a first and didn’t understand why they weren’t selling them. I’m already running through my options in my head and they are very quickly limited to just one… Ticketmaster.

... Keep reading here

Friday, November 09, 2007

Thursday, November 08, 2007

All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Thirteen variations on NaBloPoMo

National Blog Posting Month

1. January - NaGoGymMo - National Go to the Gym Month. Too many holiday parties lead right up to the popular New Year's Resolution.

2. February - Ho&BoMo - It's Hot and Bothered Month. Couples are already getting some for Valentine's Day. This is an extension for all twenty-eight (and sometimes twenty nine days) straight. Just Do It!

3. March - DriPiGuinMo - Drink Pints of Guinness Month. You'll see me swaggering home from the pub nightly slurring something about those lucky Irish leprechauns.

4. April - NaEatOutMo - National Eat Out Month. It's likely the only month where everyone participating remembers the acronym.

5. May - FlaYoUnMo - Flaunt Your Undies Month. It's a spin off of NoBloShoeMo - thirty days of shoes. It is an exclusive club so we can expect Britney Spears to lash out, as she is unable to participate.

6. June - NaCreMaMoNational Create Martinis Month. Find your favorite concoction with a different martini every day. Trial and error with gin and vodka.

7. July - NaFilMoMo - National Filthy Mouth Month. Talking dirty and swearing is mandatory.

8. August – NagYoSpoMoNag Your Spouse Month. It’s time to perfect your nagging skills.

9. September – GroYoLoMoGrow Your Locks Month. No haircuts or shaving allowed for thirty days.

10. October – TuTuTelMoTune in, Turn on your Television Month. Couch potato’s unite!

11. November – BinOnTreMoBinge on Treats Month is putting Halloween candy to good use. Like I need a reason to eat chocolate?

12. December – NaGiGiMoNational Give Gifts Month because who doesn’t want a gift every day of the month? On the 12th day of NaGiGiMo my true love gave to me…

13. All year long – NoSleMoFoNo Sleep Mofo – There is no time to sleep because there is always another peer pressure activity to join in on.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I decided to pull out my old diaries.

December 31, 1986 (Wednesday, 10:43 P.M.)
Well pretty soon it'll be a new day, a new month, a new year!! That's a big change. And that's what I want to do; change. I want to be more daring and my year's resolution is not to get depressed. I started off the year wrong last year and it never got any better. Sure I had a few really good days, but 1987 is going to be packed filled with days like that or better. It's 1987 in New York!! We've got another hour left.

I'm in a GREAT mood right now. I'm babysitting. Reid and Diana are asleep.

I'm filled with anticipation. So much happens in a year. I wonder what's in store for me in 87.

I've lost two pounds and I'm going to lose a lot more. My hair has really grown and I styled it different tonight and I really like it. It's going to get better yet! DEFINITELY. Another resolution is to look my best throughout this new year.

Things are looking up. It's a chance to start over and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to try my best at EVERYTHING I do. Most of all I'm going to be me. I'm going to stop wishing I was someone else because I like me and I realize I'm special. (That sounds really hilarious, doesn't it)

If you can't like yourself no one else can, and if I believe in myself maybe others will too. Well I don't have much more to say in 86 so I'll leave you till 87.

P.S. Only 40 minutes till the best year in my life so far!!

While I can't help but giggle at my fifteen-year-old self, I found out that Reid was in a serious accident a week ago. He is currently in a coma in Taiwan. My thoughts are with him and his family.

Monday, November 05, 2007

You Can't Make Friends With Salad

I keep waiting to be struck by something interesting but it seems that I could be waiting for a long time.

I put the girls to bed. I felt chilled so I turned up the heat and promptly fell asleep. Right now I would love a cup of blueberry tea and a captivating novel for some inspiration.

While I analyze my day to find a moment to recount, the only things that run through my mind all have to do with food.

I'm determined to make healthier choices but then I completely forgot the apple that I had planned to take to work. My coworker arrived with a box of chocolately mint Girl Guide cookies for snack time. Sugar seems to be stalking me.

Strawberry took the mashed potatoes we made for supper and spread them on a slice of bread. It was bizarre but yet a starch filled comfort delight. It made me wonder why mashed potato sandwiches were not all the rage. Google proves that this is not Strawberry's invention. My strange search led me to Taste T.O. Genius! Next time I must remember the mayo.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Push It

There's nothing like taking advantage of the time change and waiting for the last few minutes of NaBloPoMo day four to keep the thrill intense.

My need for sleep almost won. It almost always does. Like last night in the movie theatre with my husband and George Clooney. His cooler than ice character rolled nicely with the gripping story line. The drama was filled with double-edged dialogue more cruel than violence. Couple that with a few jump out of your seat moments and you got yourself a fantastic blockbuster.

It was so quiet in the movie theatre that I was afraid that munching on popcorn would be too noisy for the person next to me. Forget about trying to unwrap candy.

I felt overwhelmingly tired as I ran errands this morning but got a burst of energy being surrounded by some lovely women this afternoon. We wanted to celebrate kgirl and nomotherearth's bundles of joy. Nomotherearth's baby decided to be born yesterday, likely in consideration of his mom, so that she can soon pour herself a big glass of red wine.

Kgirl looked absolutely radiant in her last few days of pregnancy. I encouraged everyone to eat chocolate mice from Frangipane Patisserie. There was never a lull in the conversation being surrounded by such enchanting women.

I still have one million things that I have to do before the end of this weekend. Definitely a lot more than one extra hour is going to buy me.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Keeping It Simple

Today is remarkable. Outstanding. Extraordinary!

We have a babysitter and it is date night. Truly unbelievable. I know! The best part is that I didn't arrange it. We must be entering the twilight zone.

Of course that means that I'm only offering up this short and sweet post. Feel free to get your Saturday night groove on...

Plus today Pop Rocks is making its debut over at MBT! Colin even took care of that...

I have been sitting on this intro for a while. I came up with the idea of writing a music column for MBT and bounced it off of Jana. She thought it was brilliant and we were soon brainstorming on topics and ideas for it. I have probably forgotten half of them by now because it has been so long. I started piecing something together and then it slowly started to dawn on me. This is going to be actually read. MBT does have a number of readers. Everyone who contributes has their own respected following. Parents and mommy bloggers alike. I’m just your average schmo that hated any aspect of writing in school. Now I am volunteering to contribute a regular post and even during NaBloPoMo. What the hell am I doing?

... Keep reading here

Friday, November 02, 2007

In the Land of Bees and Fairies

Shout out Trick or Treat!
My wee Bee and Spring Fairy
Mom wants more candy.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Making the most of your Jack O'Lantern

The trick or treaters came and went in a frenzy last night but it felt like they all packed it in earlier than usual. Not that I am complaining but we did have three really cool pumpkins that were no longer going to be enjoyed. For all the creative efforts the pumpkins life as a Jack O'Lantern is a short one. Soon to be stacked on the top of the green bin and taken away.

Nana was visiting to see the girls all dressed up and share the sugar buzz. I was going to be driving her home when we were all done but I had an idea before we left the house. I was going to prank some good friends of ours while I was out.

After I dropped my Mom off it was a quick jaunt to drive by my friend's house. I propped a pumpkin on their porch to spook them in the morning. When I got home I emailed them a photo of the same pumpkin and wrote a simple note: TRICK OR TREAT!

This morning I was at work and had forgotten about my little detour when I got a call from D. She thanked me for the prank. She got my email before she left for work and was honestly surprised by the Jack O'Lantern staring back at her when she opened the door. It was a good laugh.

Then I realized something. My buddy is in Philadelphia on business. D was home alone and I just pranked her, something Jana would have scolded me for. (And soon will when she reads this!) I know it's just a pumpkin on a porch but there was an added factor to it…

We originally had it filled with water and glow sticks. I'm glad that D was such a good sport.

Just Smile and Wave

Must. Stop. Eating. Candy.

Hmmmmm… I thought about the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sitting by my computer screen. Oh, it's going to be yummy! Peanut butter is a breakfast food right? Right!

I look down to find an empty wrapper. Doh! I had already mindlessly devoured said treat. That is when I knew it was time to cut myself off. Seriously, can you eat so many treats that you actually feel yourself rapidly expanding? Look at me! I have turned into a blimp and I am floating over your house right now.

The real Halloween goodness, pictures of my little Bumblebee and Spring Fairy, will be up next.