Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tricky Tricks, Almost Hat Tricks

It was all about something blue (and white!)

My brother is visiting from out of town. We decided to buy Leaf tickets on eBay! We waited until thirty seconds until bidding was to close and swiped a pair of Reds.

$120.00 - Game Ticket
$14.00 - Parking
$20.00 - Beer
Watching a feisty Darcy Tucker almost score a hat trick - Delicious
Whoops, I mean priceless.

The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Atlanta Thrashers 4-2!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stop the Insanity

Tonight we get to fall back but I still profess that time change is not for me. So glad you could come to my impromptu party. Here's a Mai Tai! We have an extra hour until the bar closes.

Have you ever watched three adults try to make two children smile and look at a camera? It's quite a sight! Today we took the girls to get the cheesy store photos. The backgrounds are tacky and the photos look somewhat dated in a timeless fashion. I think it's bizarre that I like this tradition. It was apparent that we had lost our marbles as we made goofy faces, threw stuffed animals in the air and the photographer went so far as to tickle me with a fuzzy wand. Buttercup glared her perfected dirty look. She is too smart and cool for this routine. We need a new song and dance.

The crazy train doesn't stop there. I signed up for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I've been getting a little slack around these parts and it's time to pull up my socks. My plan is to keep it sweet and simple.

Please visit again soon. There'll be plenty more cocktails.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trick or Treat

Thirteen Pictures of Prior Halloween Fun

1. Out of this world pageant contestants - Miss Universe and Miss Saturn

2. Kurt and Courtney - When my mom saw this picture she shrieked, "Who's that slut with Colin?" Umm... yah mom that's me. Your daughter.

3. Disco Diva - Hardly anyone recognized me!

4. Mistress of the Dungeon - Living in a basement apartment for an extended period of time is not healthy.

5. Lollipop Girl with The Crow - I handed out lollipops to everyone at the party!

6. The Beastie Boys - Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic

7. Reservoir Dogs - Mr. Orange **

8. Geeky Garage Dudes

9. Puppy love

10. Alex the Lion

11. Baby Cheetah

12. Casting spells - The Little Witch

13. Pumpkin Baby

*Spooky banner was created by the talented Denise.
**Edited: I stand corrected. It was not Mr. Pink but Mr. Orange who had the stomach gunshot wound.
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Swimming with Sharks

Strawberry has decided that all toots in our house are now blamed on this guy.

One stinky shark. Pea-You!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Something Baby Pink

No, I'm not blushing.

I found out from the incomparable Mom 101 that I could help raise awareness for Breast Cancer. (Of course, I want to be just like her but not pregnant.)

She has included some very cool links to help us stay informed and some products that we could buy that are donating proceeds to breast cancer research and prevention. Yummy things like Chick Chocolates which I purchased when I was in Seattle for my first girl's weekend. Mmmmm... delicious! I highly recommend them.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has more products that are supporting research.

The facts in Canada:
· In 2006, over 22,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
· Breast cancer survivors represent 1% of the female population.
· The good news is that the incidence rates of breast cancer have stabilized since 1993, and mortality rates have declined steadily.

In a perfect world, cancer would be something that our future generations would only know about from information in text books.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Lesson

Yesterday I attempted humour. I have discovered that I obviously suck at tone. Or maybe I just have some very intuitive readers who are thoughtful and caring to no end. They are an insightful group that saw past my lame attempt at a fluffy filler post. After spending two hours working on my next installment of my Top 100 albums, out of nowhere, there was a freak power outage. I went to bed in the dark frustrated as hell. I woke up and banged out a throw away post about spooky spirits that cause me to check multiple times on whether I have locked the door. This is the type of thing that makes me laugh about myself because, darn it all anyhow, I love to laugh at myself.

When I saw the support in the comments, I knew it was time to write the post that I don't want to write. You see I actually do suffer from a condition that is treated by medicine and therapy. It is something that is not widely known about or understood. In fact I've gone to several doctors and confessed that I have a problem. Not one has offered any solution. I am sure they would have if I pressed, but I feel shame, so I don't.

I was ten years old when my battle with a disorder referred to as Trichotillomania first began. It started innocently with making wishes on eyelashes. I sat in the back of my fifth grade class and pulled out one eyelash and then another. And then another. Soon the outer corners of my eyes were bald. I would be desperate to try to grow them back but when the short hairs poked through they irritated my eyes and I needed to get rid of the new growth.

Unconsciously I moved to hair below my knees. It completely cleared my mind when I picked the hairs one by one. I would lose all track of time. When I was tired or anxious I was more vulnerable. Sometimes I did it without thinking and there were other times when it was a methodical way to make me feel calm.

My missing eyelashes and the rash that would appear on my legs embarrassed me. I was not alone in my embarrassment. My family couldn't understand why I would do it and no one even knew that it was a condition. It was considered a bad habit that looked awful. I felt more shame. I was often disgusted with myself.

When I reached my twenties, my anxieties must have been at an all time high. I no longer had any eyelashes. No amount of make up could disguise this fact. For special occasions I would buy fake eyelashes that irritated my eyes. It was the only time that I felt pretty.

Thankfully not having eyelashes must be shocking because no one would question me. One summer I decided that I had suffered enough embarrassment. I wanted to see if they would even grow back. With much concentration on making sure that any hair pulling was elsewhere, my eyelashes returned. I vowed to never let myself get that bad again. With some new gained confidence, I thought I could conquer my pulling completely. There are times that I can control it but I always fall back into my ways. I have never received treatment but I know that it is an option if I felt that it was necessary.

Right now I don't think that I would consider taking medicine to stop me from pulling out a few hairs on a bad day. I know that many others have a much harder time with Trichotillomania. The shame, disapproval and guilt are a lot to take on when obviously there is a bigger problem to deal with. Knowing that this is a real disorder and that I am not the only person that is struggling with this condition helps immensely.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Get that white jacket away from me!

I have my suspicions that an evil force is trying to invade my brain. After checking to see if I have locked the door I walk away thinking that some dark side Jedi has convinced me that I have locked the door, when in fact they have made me leave the door unlocked so that my most precious darlings will be stolen.

I have always felt the presence of a potential invasion but have held strong against it. Should I have a moment of weakness I am sure that they will storm in. No no, they can't make me leave the stove on. They won't make me unknowingly slip some poison into my husband's orange juice. I won't submit. My brain is more powerful.

Only time will tell if I will be able to hold onto a thread of sanity. The omnipresence of the evil mind tricks explains my neuroses and my mild Obsessive-compulsive disorder. However I think Parker Brothers should keep their Ouija board away from me.

Friday, October 13, 2006

We get around

Breaking news... My almost fifteen month old baby has learned to crawl! We lovingly refer to her as Scooch being that she has relied on a frog like bum maneuver to get around. She has perfected this unique move and goes quickly from room to room. Who needs to crawl or walk when you can sit and move? However she will now attempt to not do a face plant if you ask her to crawl. I call it On Demand Crawling. I would even share a photo if my floors were clean.

Strawberry needed some indoor shoes for school and the teachers requested that they have Velcro so off we went to the store for a little shoe shopping! The first challenge was that they be character free. Husband had decided that her little feet need not be an advertisement for another children's television show.

Then we had to find the right size. Of course Strawberry decides that she doesn't like the only pair that fits. The smart cookie resolves that she will pretend that she can't walk in them so that we don't buy them. She stands up, wobbles and falls to the ground. For added effect she continues on repeating this drama. I look around desperate to find another pair that will work. Nada. Nothing. Instead I decide that two can play her game. I pick up the undesired pair of shoes and point out the hearts on the bottom. I tell her that they will make the coolest footprints and I tell her, with extreme enthusiasm, that they are there to bring balance. These magical hearts will help her stand up when she's wearing them. I make them the best thing since sliced bread. (Can you imagine sandwiches before sliced bread?)

Success was mine! She got these shoes and she loves them now. Whatever will I do when she outgrows them and demands that her next pair have hearts on the soles?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nova Scotia Pillow Fight Fest '06

After reading the timely advice from Gloria Steinem on suggesting that we leave our children with our husbands, it felt like some kind of experiment when I flew away for three whole glorious days. (Yes over a week ago. I feel the need to apologize for putting sleep before blogging. I have an unquenchable desire to spend time unconscious.)

What made me nervous was that Colin was not nervous in the slightest. Personally, I would have been! Having to look after everything, for an extended period of time, with no relief in sight, while your significant other is off gallivanting can be tiresome. However it appears that they are always on their best behavior for Colin. He swears that they start crying and whining the moment that I walk in the door from work. I don't think this reflects well on me. No doubt, I will have to get him a Father of the Year Gold Trophy for the den. (We don't have a den.)

A gallivanting I did go...

I arrived in Halifax to meet my longtime friends. Before I even spotted them, I heard Jade's laughter ring through the airport. We quickly hightailed it to the airport liquor store to buy some red wine. Only after we each picked a bottle could we fetch my luggage. We had to force ourselves to go to sleep that night. Gone are the days where we'd giggle ourselves awake until four A.M. Well not quite. I was sharing a room with Violet and we kept calling off our conversation with a responsible "OK that is it really. We have got to get to sleep. Goodnight." And then we'd find another topic that we clearly had to discuss. We had quite few rounds of this.

(Something Amber, Violet, Ruby and Jade at Hall's Harbour. Yah, that's not there given names but they'll do just fine here!)

Friday I managed to wake up to say hello to Amber's husband and five year old son. I wished them a good day before crawling back into bed for a couple more hours of rest. This was a smart thing because our first full day was filled with Go, Go goodness.

The misty day included a trip to Hall's Harbour, to Huntington Point to see the magical Macdonald Cottages, lunch at a cafe in Kentville, to Acadia University, the Just Us! Café in Wolfville for coffee and chocolate, wine tasting at Domaine de Grand Pré, a quick peek of the Blomidon Inn, a local market to buy Honeycrisp apples and then dinner at Tempest.

(Grapes at Domaine de Grand Pré, The Macdonald Cottage at Huntington Point, Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, pumpkins on the roof of a market in Mahone Bay)

The next beautiful, sunny autumn day was just as action packed. After the required daily trip to Coldbrook's Tim Horton's we headed to Mahone Bay where we stumbled across their Annual Great Scarecrow Festival. Off we went for a picnic in Lunenburg. I freaked out when a bumblebee got caught in my hair. Thank goodness for Amber who rescued me by detangling my beehive. We admired the colourful stores and houses. We dipped into a coffee shop where we sat on their deck and watched the Bluenose II come to shore. The Swissair Flight 111 Memorial was on the way to Peggy's Cove. I introduced Ruby and Violet to Hoegaarden beer at The Library Pub, where we sang Elton John songs with the Piano man over supper. Back at Amber's we shared some bubbly Blueberry Sparkling Wine from the previous day's venture to the Domaine de Grand Pré.

Sunday we toured around the Halifax harbour buying last minute souvenirs and lobster rolls before heading to the airport. I feel bad that I did not get the opportunity to go visit my relatives in Nova Scotia but I'm hoping to make a road trip as a family vacation back to this beautiful part of the world.

This marked the second girl's getaway. The first was hosted by Ruby in Seattle back in February 2005. Next up the all night pillow fight in California 2007!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Time away

I disappeared. It's funny how you can do that with the web. It's like being a magician! A la Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Poof!... I'm back.

I've just returned from spending time with my girlfriends on the East coast.

I have got lots to say but no time to write. Until I can squeeze in some quality time with my 'puter, I will point you in the direction of A Perfect Post. Izzy wrote about acts of rage in Kindergarten and her fears for her daughter in Hungry Hearts Pt II.

A Perfect Post

Even if I could recall three decades ago when I entered elementary school it was a very different experience. As a parent, it is one of the biggest stepping stones for us to let our children boldly make their way into a social learning setting. The process and feelings about education are established early. The building blocks in developing relationships and interacting outside of the family unit fall into place. Why there is more violent behavior in some children is up for debate but it runs rampant. It could be children misdirecting aggression for attention due to preoccupied working parents caught up in climbing the corporate ladder. It could be due to early exposure to violence in the media. Television and video games have completely changed and some parents have questionable boundaries that they feel are right for the age of their children. Likely it is a combination of factors that tie together to make being a teacher more challenging than ever.

How do we keep our children safe when we are not there? This is something that every good parent asks themselves. It gave me plenty of food for thought. I hope that TQ's experience continues to improve. All children deserve a safe place to learn.

After you check out Izzy's well crafted thoughts, be sure to visit Momma K and Lucinda to find a complete listing of all the September Perfect Posts.