Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A while back, Strawberry turned five. I'm still trying to find the words.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Blog Worthy?

The longer I go between posts, the harder it is getting to end this hiatus. I am constantly questioning myself... Is this blog worthy? The nattering voice at the back of my daily activities is verging on sounding as neurotic as Elaine from the Seinfeld episode "The Sponge."

It probably doesn't help that I am devoting all my computer time to my gossip addiction. My life could not come anywhere close to being as interesting as the celebrities that are dodging the paparazzi and filling the columns with their drunken debauchery. I may have to do something drastic like get a tattoo or force myself to get pregnant. Oh that Gwyneth sure has a way with words.

Thankfully I spied a challenge from Sweetney. She asked for everyone to Come As You Are. When I saw Assertagirl and Motherbumper were already on it, I knew this was a bandwagon to jump on.

EnĂ¯d could hear the sound of my camera phone snapping from her next-door office. I took the deny route when she called over, "Are you taking pictures of yourself?" There was no fooling her. She knew better because we traveled to Vancouver and Austin where she came to know my love affair with my camera. Hey, I'm not as bad as Miley. Well at least I wear more clothes. Earlier tonight there were some girls standing beside me at The Raconteurs that were preoccupied with smoking dope while taking photos of themselves rather than paying attention to the band. Now those girls definitely have more of that self-loving Miley attitude.

I am just happy that you cannot see the top of my head in this photo because I have taken an even longer hiatus from colouring my hair.