Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hey, who turned out the lights?

On Thursday, Strawberry came home from school visibly upset.

"Mom, Mom. One of the big kids told us that all the polar bears are going to DIE."

We sat down and talked about how the earth was getting warmer which causes the ice at the Arctic to melt. I told her that the polar bears need ice or else they get really, really, super tired from swimming because they are trying to find some ice to rest on. It is getting hard for the polar bears to find ice when it is melting away. I went on to explain that one of the things that help to stop this is by being careful with how we use electricity.

We talked about Earth Hour and how everyone today at 8 P.M. is turning out their lights to make a big difference. Of course if we really want to help save the polar bears, we always have to make sure that we don't leave lights on in rooms when we don't need them.

Since then she's been running around the house making sure that everything is turned off. Forever more we will be sitting in the dark with just the glow from the television because obviously the polar bears want us to be watching TV.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrate the Moments of Your Life

A crazy lady
Feeling confrontational
That's the way I am.

Emotional mess
Too easily distracted
That's the way I am.

Another coffee
A few minutes to myself
Back to being me!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Bender

I had every intention of blogging through SXSW this year but then I decided not to take my computer with me. Miraculously I survived almost five whole days without the internet. Withdrawal from not being attached to my email plenty of free drinks left me woozy but my time was packed full of fine fun.

Texas was blazing hot! Let me tell you that rock and roll marinated in booze, BBQ and heat does not smell so pretty. However there really is no other place in the world like Austin during SXSW. The sounds of guitars come at you from every direction. The energy is dynamic. Scheduling which bands that I wanted to see was trickery particularly on the Friday evening.

I made a last minute attempt to connect my newly upgraded cell phone into Twitter but success was not mine. Instead I text messaged Colin. I think he enjoyed playing secretary by recording my updates. (Thanks Hun!) Like the time that I went to The Velveeta Room to hear a singer songwriter from Vancouver and who ended up at our table but Elijah Wood! He has very stunning, pretty features. He seemed spectacularly sweet, taking time to pose for photos with numerous women. If you'd like my take on the music from the festival check out Pop Rocks.

The icing on the cake was when I enjoyed dining on Mexican food with honest to goodness, divine Texans, Kyla and Julie and another Canadian gal NotSoSage! I was full of beans and over the moon. Put a few bloggers around a table and you have the most stimulating conversation on a whole slew of subjects from politics to celebrities and everything in-between.

This past weekend I got to share some imported beverages with Metro Mama and our spouses before we spent an evening with the Foo Fighters. Not only are they one of the best bands in the universe, but Dave Grohl is a witty genius. The last time that I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Dave was back in 1999, but I think we were meant to be best friends.

Other than all the music, drinks and sweet blogger merriment that has filled my days, I also joined in on concocting ways to have more, more, more... Two brilliant friends and I opened some wine and shared laughter while we thought of a way that will make a weekend in July the ticket to so many smiles that I anticipate the possibility of a few new wrinkles from incredible happiness.

Blog Friends Fest

That is the kind of glow that you don't want to wipe away with botox. Blog Friends Fest is open to all, plus smiles are free so please say that you are in!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Stop Snow Stop

A couple weeks ago I made a last minute call to schedule a hair appointment. My rocking stylist, Deby was fully booked. My hair, which I lovingly refer to as horsehair or wire, grows like a weed. It had been far too long since my last cut. I did not want to go with anyone else so I called back later and scheduled my overdue appointment for this past Saturday.

When I woke up to another blizzard, I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the phone to ring. It did. My telepathy was in overdrive. I was faced with the dilemma to cancel or switch stylists. The decision was made even more difficult knowing that I wanted a major change and was petrified to let the scissors fall where they may. However if I put it off any longer there was a good chance that I'd be hacking it off myself. My hair went below my bra strap and every time I leaned back in my chair I felt the pull of my heavy mane.

They booked me in with a stylist who I have used before. I nervously drove through the fluffy white falling snow and searched for a spot to park between the buried cars. In my purse I carried a photo that I was hoping would resemble my new hair.

At the salon I discovered that my backup stylist was overbooked. A girl that I had never seen before was waiting for me. Oh well, hair grows back. It couldn't possibly turn out as bad as Ruth's friend right? Yah that was a good post to read before this turn of events.

I walked into the salon with my freshly washed, perfected split end frizz.

I emerged with my new sassy, scrunched curls. What freedom! I want to shake my head like a shampoo commercial.

Disaster avoided! I even managed to make it home through the horrible weather without getting the car stuck.

On a side note, I seem to be missing most of my anniversaries. For example thirteen posts ago I hit the 300 mark. Four days ago this blog was officially two years old. In two days from now, I leave all this snow for a warmer cowboy climate. Today however I've spun around the sun 37 times. I think that calls for some spicy tuna rolls!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Drum Roll Please

A special thank you to Eugene and EnĂ¯d, the Director of cue cards, everyone who entered and Picnik for giving me something to give away. Congrats to the winners!

Word (Full) Less

It is a funny thing that as soon as I say that I am going to stay away from writing for a short spell, words have a way of finding me.

Wordless Wednesday
More Wordless Wednesday Participants

Monday, March 03, 2008

A time limited offer, but wait that's not all!

I interrupt this self imposed blogging vacation and I come bearing gifts. If you are reading this you deserve…

A New Car!

(That was to be read in your best Price is Right voice.)

Alas, I don't even have a new car so how about a way to have more fun with your photos. I have two, three month Premium Picnik packages to give away. Picnik is super easy to use. I first discovered it through Facebook and immediately set up an account. I later realized that it is Flickr's editing tool which makes me want to edit every single picture that I put up on Flickr. Heck it even works with photobucket, Picasa and webshots.

It is the super fast way to get rid of those evil red eyes, crop, intensify your colours, style it with sepia or go black and white with a quick click. They have more fonts than you'd imagine. You can even whiten teeth and get rid of blemishes. (Not that you'd need to.) That feature worked in wiping away the cheesecake from Buttercup's mouth. Who needs washcloths when you have Picnik?

Personally I love to add drop borders. I think it really makes pictures leap off the screen. Now you know that I have been taking a break so that I can take more photos and muck around with them. For example, this weekend Strawberry decided it was Rarity's birthday. We had to style all her ponies' hair for the party. I decided to give them Amy Winehouse do's.

If you'd like to try out Premium Picnik just leave a comment and I will randomly draw two winners and announce them on Wednesday. You could give me a caption for the above photo. Or tell me if you too seem to have blood shot eyes after you get out of the shower. Or tell me what you think the right age is for children to cut their own meals with a knife because I have no idea.