Friday, December 28, 2007

Secret Agents

Hey, look way up! I think we've been Motherbumpered.

Ooooh-weee! I could stare at this new design for hours. Hmmm... Mom seems to have a soft spot for 70's wallpaper. This retro thing she's got going on sure is pretty. Strawberry, are we children of the zero's?

No, I'd prefer to call this the decade of the double O's. That's secret agent code.

What do you think Buttercup? Does my princess disguise work better now or what?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blue Christmas

The tree got decorated last night. Only three ornaments were broken!

I obsessed over a martini shaker of nogtinis.

My daycare has a great sense of humour. They turned Buttercup into an angel.

Hope you and yours have a very, merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

High Strung Cheer

It's not the Christmas lights that are high strung upon the roof. No that would refer to me. I am frazzled and dazed as one of the most anticipated times of the year zooms full on at warped speed.

There is so much to do and not enough time to do it. I don’t want to rush through the motions. My lofty goal was to enjoy the season and create some lasting memories. I took the girls to Casa Loma to decorate gingerbread houses. I was flustered, unable to successfully manage the craft with both Strawberry and Buttercup. I am sure they lined their tummies with a thin layer of decorating glue. Thankfully Kittenpie had come along and helped me immensely with an extra shirt for Buttercup after she some how managed to spill her juice on her shoulder. Kittenpie also brought some of her beautiful puppets to entertain our girls as we waited in line to watch a performance of A Christmas Carol.

How could I possibly be creating new rituals and lasting memories when I am barely able to hold it together. When we left, a chunk of my poof ball hair got caught in the car door and the strap of my purse was wrapped in my scarf. I struggled not to throw myself into a snow bank with the gusto of a toddler's tantrum.

On Tuesday, we went to Strawberry's first school Christmas concert. The Kindergarten performances turned me into an emotional basket case. It took every ounce of personal strength not to let tears of joy stream down my cheeks. Buttercup did burst into tears as soon as intermission began. I think she may have been upset that she did not get a chance to go on stage to sing songs.

With only five more sleeps until the big day, we have yet to get a tree. The shopping is not nearly finished. Only half the usual number of cards were mailed. Packages have to be shipped. Songs will be sung. Gifts will be wrapped. I imagine many cups of cheer will be sipped so that I can remember to relax, breathe and enjoy the happiness that is buried under the stress.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dear Santa

Thirteen things that our daughters are hoping will be under the tree.

1. A doll house. The one with the disco ball and the elevator!

2. Barbies

3. Movies

4. My Little Ponies

5. Crayons

6. Leapster

7. Groovy girls

8. Play-Doh

9. A Backyardigans Game

10. Martian Smash

11.Hot Wheels

12. Books

13. Candy canes!

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Naughty or Nice?

Hey you! Where are you going?

Oh yes. (Insert long drawn out sigh) The dreaded mall to buy presents.

The best part is stopping to get a gingerbread latte.

No, I haven't made my lists yet. I have got to cherish the small serving of spontaneity in my life. It keeps it fresh.

So what if my brother in law is unwrapping energy saving light bulbs. That's right. I light up your life.

Of course there are eighteen more shopping days. Maybe the perfect present is waiting to be ordered online.

We all have someone who is super hard to shop for. They have everything. Whether it is your in-laws or Paris Hilton, there is a perfect gift out there. This one is nondenominational and it is 100% guaranteed. Why not splurge on package 2? We all want access to "VIP exclusive areas including the Land of Milk and Honey." It says that space is limited. I'm wondering what the capacity is?

This gift will last an eternity. It's the thought that counts.

I'm ready for my latte...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


While he bore no resemblance to Brad Pitt he was a gentle, merry soul. There was no disputing that he had flown in from the North Pole with that real white beard. He leaned over and asked Strawberry what she wants for Christmas.

"A house."

Visions of Ty Pennington arriving with the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew danced in my head but I felt the need to clarify on her behalf, "A doll house."

He then turned to Buttercup however she genuinely was overwhelmed with shyness. With great wisdom he suggested that she might like Dora and her eyes lit up. He then asked if they both like surprises. Strawberry said yes while Buttercup nodded in agreement. It was time for a quick photo followed by candy canes and colouring books!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Melting Pot

I like headlines. My Google Reader is filled with clever news snippets that peak my interest. I know by reading them which one is going to leave me repulsed, saddened, shocked or feeling warm and fuzzy. I admit that often the human interest pieces are my favourite. I did a quick tour of the news today and these are the topics that made me go hmmmm…

Of Canada's thirty one million people, twenty percent of them were born outside of Canada. What amazes me more is that the foreign-born proportion of the population is at its highest in 75 years. You'd think 1933 would have 2007 beat but no. According to the statistics, over a half a million people have settled in Ontario within the last five years. The media spins this as beneficial in replacing the baby boomers in the workforce.

December has arrived with a flurry of snow storms and of course a flurry of holiday parties. Little did I know that as the joy of the season warms my heart three sizes larger, it also threatens to weaken my heart. December and January are the deadliest months for heart disease. This is caused by an excess of rich meals, more alcohol and extra stress. I had no clue that a heavy meal that is high in fat, immediately stresses the heart as it is digested. Many people pass off heart pain as indigestion when they should be getting to a hospital.

It seems Hollywood knows which side their bread is buttered on and it is with the over thirty five A-List celebrities. 44 year old Johnny Depp scored $92 million in 2007 while Nicole Kidman, 40, brought home $28 million. Pretty boys Brad Pitt, 43 and George Clooney, 46, are major forces among the A-listers. In this ever evolving youth driven market, it would be nice to see the media react by shifting standards to embrace midlife instead of unrealistically push to preserve a twenty something appearance.

A new study suggests that a teaspoon of honey before bed could calm children's coughs and therefore help them sleep better. However honey is not recommended for infants as it might contain the toxins that cause botulism.

The too good to be true Canadian dollar has slipped down to 98.88 cents U.S. I better go stock up on magazines before they start charging the Canadian price again. I can't wait to skim more headlines!