Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things I've learned this week

On cars

  • The recovery rate of stolen cars is less than 70% in Toronto. Yes bandits have made off with our car. Luckily we now have a rental while we wait the specified fifteen days before we are allowed to get a replacement. Who steals a car with two car seats? Not cool dude.
On food
  • If I make stuffed baked potatoes, my daughters will refuse to eat them no matter how much cheese is melted on top and even with all the yummy ingredients I throw in.
  • Lately I have almost become a vegetarian as I am turned off by most meat.
  • The longer I stay up, the more that I want to dive into chocolate.

On dreams

  • Strawberry giggled while she slept.
  • Buttercup cried out in terror "No! Nemo."
  • I keep dreaming that I am running either being chased or it is a race against time.
On underwear
  • When lounging in comfy pajamas for an extended period, I should first make sure that I am not wearing irritating underwear.
  • I was shocked that daycare told me that Buttercup is potty trained and ready for cotton undies. As per their request we ditched the pull-ups last week and I am doing more loads of laundry than ever. While I love that daycare has great belief in my daughter, I'm hoping that they know what they are doing because I'm losing my patience with the mess.
On happiness
  • Strawberry reading to me.
  • Buttercup cooing, "You're awesome mummy."
  • Binkywood gossip.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Now for the really bad joke of the day:

Why was Strawberry sad?

Because her mom was in a jam.

(Thanks. I'm here all week.)


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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Two's a Charm

No one promised that having babies was easy. Well maybe Paris Hilton did but she has yet to become a parent and will have a team of nannies to correct her mistakes when the time comes so we cannot go by what Paris may or may not offer up.

I have luckily already gone through the sleepless part of two and I am thrilled to pieces that we may be on the verge of being completely out of diapers. Saying things like that as part of a baby shower for some wonderful ladies that are about to give birth is about as smart as something that comes out of Paris Hilton. My apologies. Let's start this post over again.

Dear Mrs. Chicky, Mrs. Chicken and Her Bad Mother,

You are at that magical point in your family when you go from one child to two. I remember trying to get tons of special time in with my first born before the second one made her grand appearance. Little did I realize that Strawberry was not going anywhere. We still have plenty of time together to bond as I do with my youngest Buttercup. Everything seems to multiply when you add another baby to the mix. The fun, kisses and hugs, the plastic sea of toys, the laundry and the not so fun tantrums.

There is a time for adjusting to having another person in the family. These growing pains go by quickly. I barely remember how Strawberry would jump on my back and try to hug me with the tightest squeeze whenever I was holding Buttercup.

Being the older sister meant lavishing attention on the roly-poly new baby. Placing kisses on little toes can abruptly turn into a sudden jealous bite. It's confusing having this new sibling at first but the love comes rushing to the surface.

I remember worrying that if one woke up crying that the whole family would be crying a chorus of tears through the long night. Thankfully that was unnecessary worrying. I keep my children so tired that when one wakes up in the middle of the night, the other sleeps like a rock.

I quickly discovered that having two children means that you will always have at least one angel. Whenever one decides to act up, the other goes pie eyed with pure innocence and looks at the other like they could never display behaviour that naughty even if it was their turn five minutes ago.

As the little one learns all the same tricks as the first has mastered like holding their head up, sitting, talking, walking and running well then the real fun begins. Seeing my children happily play together is worth all those growing pains. Hearing my children sing together makes my heart just about explode. I can see their bond and know even though they are going to have plenty of trying arguments, there will be even more hugs. The two of them are going to be the other's anchor, cheering each other on and sticking together through thick and thin.

Life with two is a dance party. Load up your MP3 player's ladies and let the good times roll.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Warm and fuzzy

Kgirl wrote 7 lbs, 7 oz about the differences she's discovered in her daughters and the perfect love that she has for both of them. She wrapped her words into such a beautiful piece that I must present to her a Perfect Post Award.

The Original Perfect Post Awards 04.08

Having a child is awe-inspiring. My eyes and my heart opened. I think that in having a second child that I never realized that there would be more to discover. I probably assumed that I was doubling the love and the experience. It's within their differences that my world expands.

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