Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Baby's Got The Blues

What happens when you have too many thoughts that are trying to make the leap from brain to blog? Swirling, swirling... The deep introspective ideas drown because the fluff always rises to the top.

This past weekend we discovered that baby's got the blues. We went to an Art Street Festival and it was there that we found out that Buttercup has a love of the blues. She was grooving along, enjoying the sounds of the live musicians. With great amusement we took her over to listen to the jazz trio but they did nothing for her. I love that she shares our passion in music. I take it as my mission to expose both my children to all types of music and to share with them what I love. I hope that I will continue to grow musically through them.

I was going to write a recap of the Virgin Festival, Toronto Island, Day Two from Strawberry's point of view. Walking in her tiny shoes gave me blisters so instead I thought I'd share a couple of my own personal observations.

Today's jeans are NOT meant for concert goers.

Sorry to this blurry poor soul who is now a fashion warning for all others. Leave the plumber butt action to your fantasy world under the kitchen sink. To her credit she realized her faux pas and moved her bag to block this view but it was too late. The photo was captured and posted. The damage is done. I beg off the bad karma for such an evil act on my part. Think of all the future people that I'm saving.

If you want special treatment and lots of attention bring small children with you to an all day rock concert. The strict security personnel guarding their roped off sections allowed us a quick detour through with the stroller.

We basked in the endless comments and onlookers pointing towards us because we carried the most desired celebrity fashion accessory of the season. Both men and women's eyes lit up when they spotted our girls. I overheard "Look a whole family!" and "I want to be like that, bringing my kids to concerts."

Of course there were a few of the judgy judgers casting their spears of hatred towards the cruel parents that would subject their children to the loud concert. The nerve of us! Really, how selfish. Don't they know that I rented these kids to get all that attention from those young rock Gods in line for the beer tent? In my mind I shouted out "Hey Single Gals: Hot Catch Over Here! Check out the future hot dads that are not afraid to admire my offspring!"

We were blessed with some rock star wisdom. Julian Casablancas of The Strokes announced that he finally "gets Canada" and he also thinks that we have a good future. They played a good set but the highlight was the Raconteurs. They kicked it out of the park! It was so much of a good thing that unfortunately we had to high-tail it for the ferry because Buttercup's senses were becoming over stimulated. We almost recognized the signs in time to avoid the baby melt down. Almost.

With the necessary precautions like ear plugs that are cut in half to fit into your toddler's ears, these types of events can be fun for the whole family. We only saw four other people with small children in the estimated thirty thousand crowd. I can't help but wonder if today's parent considers doing more unconventional outings or if we still limit and restrict ourselves to the family labeled events.

12 Singing the blues:

metro mama said...

What were your favourite performances?

That girl needs a muffin top cover.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I'd love to bring my daughter to a concert but we don't have many outdoor festivals that I could actually get tickets too. That and my husband and my musical tastes differ. A lot.

That picture of crack girl is going to haunt my dreams. Thanks.

niloc said...

What’s scary was that she wasn't the only plumber butt girl that we saw. While driving down to the island ferry there was a girl riding her bike who also suffered from exposing her butt cleavage. Her jeans were so low that it left no doubt that she was riding commando. No thong, no little briefs or bikini cut panties. Riding along she seemingly was oblivious as she kept up with traffic.
Personally I was laughing my ass off as we were driving but Jana didn’t think it was quite as funny. When I saw the girl sitting on the grass it was as if we were in the midst of a low rise epidemic.

Ok ok… maybe I look at butts too much.

chelle said...

Ok love the ass shot!

I so adore that you took them to the festival. I can hardly wait to have a similar opportunity.

lildb said...

if I didn't have an anxiety issue relating to big shows like that, we'd totally be dragging the kid to 'em.

I'll never forget the wee video of the girls dancing that you posted awhile back. I love that they dig music. what an awesome bond.

something blue said...

Metro Mama - We spent time at the main stage and on the Free rides at Centreville to entertain the girls. The Strokes and The Raconteurs both put on great shows. I would have liked to have checked out more acts on the other stage.

Mrs. C - I would love to know what music is heard in the Chicky household and how that works with different tastes. Compromise right? Sorry about the nightmares.

Colin - Stop looking at girls rears! ;)

Chelle - Becca will love it!

Lildb - I know that big concerts are not for everyone! When I mentioned unconventional outings, I was going for anything that is outside the realm of the Family label. We've taken Strawberry to a smoke-free Pub. I often don't hesitate over whether it is appropriate to bring children to the places that we go.

mamatulip said...

You know what kind of music Julia LOVES? Dance music. LOL.

I love the ass crack...

Kristin said...

Apparently Fashion Week is dictating pants with a reasonable waist... could we be so lucky?!

I personally have pants that ensure I can either not sit, or not sit in front of someone... damn velvet Gap cords.

vice versa said...

Sounds like a fun time! We have not taken Ada to a big concert like that, but we did take her to the brewers festival in town. Water and cheerios for her, beer and sausages for us, fun for all!

mothergoosemouse said...

Oh man, PC girl gave me a terrible flashback to the thong I once observed peeking out the back of some chick's jeans as she made her way off the city bus. Yowza.

What a great outing. I think it is fantastic that you brought your kids along - showing them that there's more to music than the Wiggles.

Binkytown said...

That's so great that you went to the shows. I'd be a nervous wreck: Is it too loud? Oh my god, I might lose him, etc, etc, etc.

Heather said...

I don't like festivals in general. I get really cranky and end up not enjoying myself. I probably would be even more of a crank with the kids in tow.

Small street festivals are okay, but they need to be small.