Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chicky Wants to Know

After I revealed that I am possibly a bizarro alien love child of Mr. T. Cruise, I am happy that you have returned. I know I need to do some damage control. Quick! That nonsense about past lives is some whacky stuff but it's not like I admitted that Colin and I wear vials of each other's blood as jewelry.

Please turn your attention to the stunning, down to earth and intensely commanding Mrs. Chicky. (I'm hoping she doesn't ask me to roll over…)

1. Bad news, you're going deaf. But the good news is through some fluke of nature you'll still be able to listen to the music of one, and only one, band or singer. If you could pick, who would it be?
I'd have to choose the complete works of Dave Grohl. This way I could crank up the Nirvana, Foo Fighters and ironically the Songs for the Deaf album by Queens of the Stone Age. Plus I can dig into the rare live bootlegs as he's been known to do a mean cover of many 70's classics including hits by Journey, Eddie Money and Cheap Trick. Sorry but I had to cheat just a little bit on that answer. For Dave, I'd cheat.

2. How many different hair colors have you had? Name them.
My first gray hairs appeared when I turned ten. TEN! I waited until I was twelve to start colouring my hair. For the most part I've kept it a shade close to what I assume was my original shade of auburn but I have tried almost every variation of red.

I had a brief stint with a box of dark brown and my parents assumed it was my Goth phase. After that dark hue, I took an issue of Vogue with a Madonna photo shoot to my stylist and professed my blonde ambition. Let me tell you that the bleaching process was painful. Seriously, I almost passed out. I most likely lost a few brain cells during the transition.

A couple months later I met Colin. He confessed to my roommate that he didn't think our relationship would last because he had never dated a blonde. (Shakes head ~ Men!)

Of course I went though my Manic Panic phase. I preferred Divine Wine and Plum Passion.

It is always a battle of the roots because my coarse hair grows like a weed. I know I'll never win and I've succumbed to my obvious roots. I find it amusing when I get outright scorn from certain extended family members, friends and street people. Just this week a rude person randomly yelled at me to dye my hair. I guess it's time.

3. Finish this sentence - "Guys on motorcycles are___________".
sizzling hot if posing for a photo session. Pout for me bad boy. As soon as they actually drive away on the motorcycle, they are just bikers. There is something about motorcycle safety clothing that is a turn off.

4. What's your idea of the perfect date?
Ripe, sweet and succulent.

You did mean the fruit right? Going out for an evening of fun with my significant other has never been part of my reality. Colin and I have been together fourteen years. He is a very social person who loves to be surrounded by friends. Parties yes. Dates no. While I crave romance and deep conversation over candlelight, I settle with snuggling on the loveseat to watch a movie after the girls are asleep.

Another word that is not in our vocabulary - babysitter.

5. Did you always want to be in the music industry or did you kind of stumble into it?
I had lofty aspirations of becoming a rock star. I took my passion for music and got the one and only part time job in the local record shop. By moving to a bigger city, I worked my way up the retail chain. When I moved out east it was easy to land a spot in the flagship store. I met record company people and used my connections (and a few lucky stars) to end up helping others attain their creative goals. I try hard not to stumble into work but there have been many nights that I have stumbled home.

Thanks Mrs. Chicky! If you would like to play this game, send me a request for your own unique interview. However beware that I write the questions that make the young girls cry.

14 Singing the blues:

kittenpie said...

That was a great one! I love how it was so tailored to you, and I feel I know you even better now. Cool! Thanks, you two.

MotherBumper said...

ohhhhhhh fun fun fun (clapping hands) - let me tell you about my manic panic story next time we are trapped in a car together.

Great interview ladies!

metro mama said...

I'd cheat for Dave Grohl too.

Lisa b said...

Great answers. #1 is pure genius.

mamatulip said...

I love your answers, Jana. Number one? Brilliant. Seriously. I love how you managed to cheat your way through that. ;)

And number four...LOL. You crack me up. (And 'babysitter' isn't in our vocab either, unless the word "grammie" is in the same sentence)

niloc said...

i'm so not feeling bad for Peter taking me to see the Foo Fighters at Lee's Palace the last time they were in town.

you deserve to be left behind for naughty little comments like that.

now i'm happy you were kept away from Dave in such an intimate setting.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Okay! First, can I pay you to stroke my ego on a regular basis? You set the pay scale and I'll write the checks.

Second, rolling over is over rated. I'd only ask you to sit nicely for me while I tickled you under the chin. Or maybe I'd rub your belly. ;)

And third, OMG! I love you even more for the Dave Grohl answer. The man is a god in my mind. After these questions you're going to have to look out at Blogher because I might follow you around with a cookie begging you to sit and stay.

chelle said...

What a wonderful peek into your world!

Lisa said...

CHicky did a great job and so did you! It was alot of fun getting to know ya better. :-)

ewe are here said...

Grohl. Very clever. ;-)

IzzyMom said...

Why do you have to live so fricken far away???


creative-type dad said...

Great interview!

Sadly babysitter isn't in our vocabulary either...

L.A. Daddy said...

I was really disappointed by Foo Fighters live (saw 'em three times) but Nirvana? Well, 'nuff said.

I might have you with my new motorcycle safety jacket - it's black, with padding, and it's mesh but it works really well. I was surprised. I'm 6'3" and it's a triple-xl tall but... it fits.

I'm going to have to keep an eye on you if you're in the music biz. I'm a huge fan (even though I hate the LA record company people out here.

Mom101 said...

Great questions AND great answers! Plum passion...sigh, that brings back memories.