Monday, October 29, 2007

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The strings are frayed and I am grasping for loose ends trying to hold it together. Last week I must have still been in vacation mode. I did not adjust from the three hour time change. Seven A.M. felt like four o'clock and of course it was wrong to be waking up at that hour of the day. Yet I needed every second of the morning to get the girls out the door. Buttercup was clinging to me with every atom of her being.

I managed to only have to get one late pass for Strawberry's school. Colin shakes his head at every little school thing and mutters it's only JK. I know he will likely be saying the same thing throughout all the elementary grades. He is always more relaxed about matters but it leaves me wondering when does it start to become relevant? The child experts state that the early years are the most important. The conflicting attitudes battle it out on my shoulders, yelling in my ears and they are giving me a headache.

I can also hear an announcer, "Now performing in the circus ring is another mother juggling coffee cups while walking on a tight rope." Only I know I will be outdone by the better dressed show stopper who also swallows swords.

One might say with all these voices, it's time to introduce a friendly medical prescription but I think it's likely more normal to feel completely overwhelmed and conflicted on some days. Really if I could just squeeze in an extra hour of the day to exercise then all my problems would vanish. However the day is long enough and my energy is all spent. Instead I'll sneak a bite or two of chocolate. We are coming up to another big candy day of the year. Thank goodness there are so many of them evenly spaced out all year long.

The other thing that has me beating myself up is I clearly am failing in outer layer clothing requirements. My daughters stand shivering outside in their light jackets while I'm coatless. I couldn't spare a moment to search for a fall jacket or sweater so I ran out the door knowing that I would be the only person in the school yard not dressed for the cool morning.

This doesn't bear well with my overachiever personality.

8 Singing the blues:

Mac and Cheese said...

Why work up a sweat when you can just eat chocolate? I hope the jetlag passes soon. Deep breaths.

motherbumper said...

I loooooove the look on Buttercups face - something tells me she doesn't quite trust Strawberry putting her arms around her ;)

Juggling is highly overrated.

mamatulip said...

The sky behind the girls in that picture is magnificent.

I, too, feel like I am a juggling act that is starting to fray around the edges. *sigh*

kittenpie said...

don't stress about lateness yet, honey, especially if it's only once in a week. The early years are important, but not for that.

I totally know what you mean about feeling overwhlemed, though. There are so many things I wish I had time to do!

Kyla said...

THE SKY! It is amazing. Wow.

Things will calm down soon. Don't stress too much in the meantime.

Christina said...

I understand how overwhelming it can feel sometimes. I'm feeling much the same way lately. At the moment things seem to come in waves. Here's hoping the wave passes for you soon and you can relax a little.

Gorgeous photo, too!

chelle said...

That photo is breathtaking ... Judge not ... it all works out in the end.

nonlineargirl said...

Re: I think it's likely more normal to feel completely overwhelmed and conflicted on some days.

Oh, I hope so. I feel that way a lot recently. Now if only I knew how to not take it out on my husband, who does so well and helps so much.