Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Justifiably foul


Seven cheerios are on the floor. Strawberry runs into the kitchen. "Oh no! A BIG mess." A tiny smudge of blueberry jam is on my arm. Strawberry scolds, "You have to have a bath."

My mom will be so happy to know that there is hope. It seems that the clean gene only skipped a generation.

When my little one gets older, she's likely to scrutinize all the pictures of herself looking rather messy and be a bit disappointed in me. At least I didn't lick my fingers and wipe your face clean. Well in truth, I may have, but only to disgust your dad. Please forgive your easily entertained mom.

6 Singing the blues:

rhonda said...

OH kids and their messy faces. But they are adorable none the less :)

Mocha said...

This has GOT to stop. All these new people stopping by my space, leaving messages - I hope to go there and read something mildly interesting, but nothing that will make me go,"OMG - What a great space! What good writing! I love this place!"

But dangit if you just didn't do that to me. Darn. Another blog to watch. *sigh

Will I never get work done again? I love it here.

Nicole said...

My daughter came home from seeing my mil and said to me, "you always have crap all over this floor." I'm sure it's not related, but I freaked! And, my daughter's right, there is always crap all over the floor.

moe said...

So you have to start training her right away. If she's a neat freak teach her how to clean!

laura said...

I am pleased as punch that my daughter now prefers to wipe her messy hands on a cloth rather than on her hair :)

Anonymous said...
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