Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An ode to Spring

Spring Goddess

I await your presence with anticipation, dear goddess of spring. Make the world warmer once more. Paint the ground with breathtaking colours and release the sweet aroma. Awaken my senses. Bring the world new life. It’s the magic of spring in all its glory that can fill my heart with hope.

I can’t wait to be blanketed with a warm breeze, to watch Strawberry frolic outside, to see Buttercup discover the sensation of fingers and toes on grass. The romantic vision of the new season has seized my soul.

Yes, it was the warmest winter on record but I still crave spring and it cannot arrive early enough.

3 Singing the blues:

rhonda said...

That is just BEAUTIFUL!

mama_tulip said...

I love the picture. And I'm with you...hurry up, spring.

Bridgermama said...

I just want the sun to make an appearance and all the sickness to go away!