Friday, March 10, 2006

A shout out to my Mom

Today I give thanks to my Mom. She lived through thirty-six hours of labour without any drugs! That's incredible. I'm surprised that she didn't hold it against me. She could have found unusual ways for revenge, possibly by not letting me have any chocolate until I was eighteen or by warning me that dancing could lead to pregnancy.

So hurray Mom. I'll be thinking of you as I celebrate another trip around the sun. I appreciate you even more and have newfound respect for your strength.

I did already splurge on a gift for myself. I figure as the years creep on to my face that I should wear makeup more often. Just having my new makeup bag, powder and eye shadow, makes me feel polished. Now I just have to find the time to put it on.

2 Singing the blues:

Mom101 said...

are you sure it was 36? Something tells me that the story gets bigger and bigger as the years go on...or maybe that's just my own mom.

Thanks so much for the nice comment at my blog. Happy to have you back any time. And your girls are ADORABLE!

niloc said...

Happy Birthday Honey!

i know it's cheesy writing you a comment when you are in the room but i didn't exactly get a chance to get a birthday card. i know how much you like it how strawberry scribbles on it with her crayons or how buttercup drools all over it. we will never run out of times to laugh at what crazy things our girls do... till they are old enough to start laughing back at us for the silly things we do.

-luv ya hon.