Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Day in the Life of a Basket Case

After I had my first child, I received this sheet to help me identify how I was feeling. I found it bizarre but hung on to it. I actually put it on my fridge behind some recipes and artwork. Today when one emotion after another piled on top of each other, I decided I better try to sort out my state of mind.

I'm tired. Buttercup was extra super cranky and awake for most of the night. I was losing my patience and feeling rather desperate. By 5:30 A.M. I had to ask Colin for a little help. I got further upset when it took him all of five minutes to have her asleep. Why couldn't I do that? But that feeling lasted all of thirty seconds as I fell fast asleep.

While being half brain dead, vegging on the sofa and zoning out cartoons, I noticed a minivan drive up in front of our house. I was amused when a lady came out with her camera and started taking photos of our front yard. I egged Strawberry into peering out the window in an attempt to make the lady uncomfortable. I don't think she noticed as she happily snapped pictures of our flowers. This brought about some laughter. I always find this humorous but it's hardly the first time a stranger has trespassed to photograph our flowers. Every year a man on a bike comes by and does this but she was the first person to drive here. News of our picturesque yard must be spreading like wildfire. I was completely embarrassed that I have yet to do any gardening this season so the weeds are out of control. After she drove off I thought I should run outside in my PJ's and try to capture what she might have on her camera. Better judgment got a hold of me and I decided not to give the porch monkeys* something to laugh about over dinner. I threw on my jeans and then I took this shot for you.

My lightheartedness soon vanished when I discovered the contents of Buttercup’s fancy baby shampoo had disappeared. Half of the bottle must have gone down the drain. It was a gift for her barely there hair. I trusted this gentle, mild soap. How disappointing.

It was about this time that I decided to let some fresh air into the house. The screen door to our backyard jammed. When I shoved a little harder, it broke completely off the track. At the same moment a tired baby started crying her heart out. All this drama made me lose my mind. I broke down in tears and rage bubbled up internally. A quick phone call to hubby and I was able to calm myself down.

Feeling a burst of energy, I was about to tackle some of those previously mentioned weeds surrounding our flowers. A daily dose of vitamin D from the sunshine is always a good thing. I took the girls out front to find a sweet skunky scent drifting towards us. Seems our neighbours were having a little afternoon high in plain daylight. (Stay tuned for a "who are the people in your neighbourhood" post.) I was not sure what I would feed the little ones if they got the munchies so the gardening would have to wait. We headed to the backyard for some fun in the sun.

While they enjoyed the fresh air, it made them tired and therefore a tad crankier. That is not what I need. Especially with Colin heading out for a boys night and a mountain of laundry that I simply must conquer.

Also during the day, I've been beating myself up for my lackluster posts. I know this passionate new hobby should not be taking on such power. It shouldn't cause me to think poorly about myself. In particular, I don't think I have given my children's current milestones the attention they deserve. When at first you don't succeed try, try again.

Did I mention that my Butter-baby has spoken a real word! It's both a noun and an action packed verb! While it is only two little letters, it perfectly suits her favourite activities: jumping in her jolly jumper and clapping her hands! Oh yes, I did previously mention that she now cheers "Go!" I'm a proud mama. Communication holds the key to happiness and that is what I am in pursuit of. Thank goodness there is hope for tomorrow...

*Edited to note: I had absolutely no idea that this is a derogatory term. I've always used it to describe the older couples who sit all day and night on their porch and watch the world go by. I hope I don't offend anyone!

15 Singing the blues:

Izzy said...

I was not sure what I would feed the little ones if they got the munchies

ROFL...too funny.

Yay Go Go baby!

Heather said...

I'm new to your blog but had to say I love the term porch monkeys because I have some just two doors down and I think that's what we'll call them from now on. Mine aren't usually smoking anything other than cigarettes (at least in broad daylight) but drink all hours of the day and night and make me blush with the language they use (a feat in and of itself). Your tulips are gorgeous, and presumably the run-by photograhers you have agree.

Her Bad Mother said...

No beating of self for posts because this self loves the posts.

(Almost had typos there. 'Posts', for a moment, read 'pots,' -seriously - which made me laugh and I was just going to leave it cuz, hey, so relevant, but then I thought, someone might not get it and just think that I am a) a pot monkey, or, worse, b) illiterate)

rhonda said...

They are so so cute, those kiddos.

Can't wait to hear about the people in the neighborhood (hope they aren't reading your blog..LOL)

something blue said...

Colin just pointed out to me that referring to our neighbors as porch monkeys is offensive. I was ignorant to that fact. I've got to find some better slang to loving call the sweet seniors that can sit outside for hours. They are our neighborhood lookout crew as they watch our street like it is the best TV program in the world. I guess it is reality TV at it's finest.

chelle said...

hehe! I always adored the old people on the street that were up with everyone's business. They also always notice when things are wonky. I had one lady that knew my schedule and my husbands. It was cool and she would tell me when parcels were delivered!!

GO GO GO!! Great word!

nonlineargirl said...

I wish people were just photographing my flowers! I want to see more of your garden, weeds and all. I haven't done much by way of weed removal either, not to mention I've got a box of dahlia bulbs waiting to be planted...that's the "fun" of a garden, right? There is always more to do.

mama_tulip said...

God, I use the term 'porch monkeys' frequently. Julia and I had lunch on the front this morning and I called us porch monkeys. Oops.

cameo said...

your day sounds like a pretty normal one - and that's either unfortunate or really freaking lucky (depending on how you wanna look at it) tell me, when does mama get a break? and kudos to you for finding humor in the baking neighbors. cookie dough is always a good treat.

Sunshine Scribe said...

I think "porch monkeys" is hysterical - not offensive.

You have a garden so fabulous that people PHOTOGRAPH it?!? Whoa

I have to say every time you post a pic of Strawberry I melt. I always dreamed of having a red-headed child (but since my husband is Philippino without an affair that ain't happening). She is sooooooooo cute

kittenpie said...

ugh, yes, some days just don't feel worth it, especially after a sleepless night. Thank god for naptime, however brief. I am still on the "nap when they nap" programme, and pumpkinpie is two next week! I loved the comment about munchies too - see, you're funny even when you're not trying.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Please don't beat yourself up... you won't be able to take wonderful photos of your garden with black and blue eyes! Hint, Hint.

Sorry to hear you're feeling low. Take a look again at those two sweeties whose pictures you posted and that should make you feel better. Or smoke a joint with your neighbors. Sometimes that works too. Or so I hear.

Pattie the Domesticator said...

First: your children are just adorable!
Second: if people are taking photos of your garden, it is probably a GOOD thing
Third: yes, that term, at least around my neck of the woods is considered derogetory...if it comes from a prejudiced person...which you obviously are not...cut yourself some slack! A little naitivity about such things is refreshing! :)
Yes, there is hope for is another day ! :)

MrsFortune said...

Your daughter's hair is the most precious thing ever! And your garden? I am officially jealous of you. I couldn't grow weeds in a fertilizer pot.

Nicole said...

Your tulips are beautiful. They are my favorites. I don't have many nice ones, as the deer always eat them. I wish I was better in the garden. Maybe this year w/my daughter's help!

Be proud of your garden and let it make you feel better when you are down.