Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Moonshine exercise

Over at Moonshine, Izzy wants to know everyone better. She's asked her blogging friends to provide four adjectives that describe their personality and elaborate on each one. This of course got me thinking and so I poured my heart into it.

I am a daydreamer and I can spend endless hours fantasizing about anything and everything. I picture what my life would be like if I lived in the much larger house down the street. I have witty conversations with Dave Grohl. During cold months my mind takes me to sunny days at the cottage, looking better than ever in a new bathing suit. As soon as August rolls around I’m dreaming of doing my Christmas shopping during the first magical snowfall. I sip coffee with Darcy Tucker. (Of course he doesn’t say anything or that would ruin it, so instead he gazes at me with those saucy, wild eyes.) I travel to far
away places, a pub in Ireland, a boutique in France and a winery in Italy. One of my favorite daydreams is of being a senior and preparing a special occasion meal for our large, extended family. My children are grown, with spouses and possibly children of their own. Everyone is giddy and jovial like a scene from a feel good movie. I know that I romanticize life but it’s therapeutic. My imagination knows no bounds.

I find myself smiling 97.2% of the day. Of course I’m smiling at my children but also at strangers and inanimate objects. I’m that crazy lady! Some people find this unnerving and glare back at me with a look of confusion as to what could possibly make a woman so happy. Other people naturally smile back. It is contagious, like yawning. Yes, the smiling wrinkles are already imprinted and slowly deepening but at least I won’t be one of those ladies with a permanent scowl across her face. Those women frighten me.

Deep in thought, there is hardly a moment when my mind is not racing. I ponder questions that I’ll never have answers for. I amuse myself. I mull over things that others probably don’t give a second thought. It’s hard to quiet the ideas that keep popping up. This can be a nuisance and I find myself wishing I could dust bust some of the thoughts out. However I know this would only make room for new ones.

Kind hearted in nature, I can easily imagine myself in someone else’s shoes. I feel others sorrow and delight. I have to avoid watching dog shows because I get overwhelmed with emotion at their victories. My children will easily figure out this trait and have me wrapped around their little fingers.

I know that Izzy only asked for four characteristics and I am good at math so I can count that high. It goes against my nature as a rule follower, (I only cross the street at green lights) however I couldn't resist listing the following three runners up:
Dedicated – Passionate to my career, I care too much about every company that I have ever worked for.
Generous – There is nothing like seeing someone’s face light up at a thoughtful gift.
Honest – I wouldn’t know how to be anything else. I value honesty in others and myself.

I think that paints a pretty clear picture of me. Words will have to do until I get around to colouring my hair.

I'd love to know your descriptive words. I find everyone that makes their way here completely fascinating and it would be great to get to know you better.

14 Singing the blues:

Pattie the Domesticator said...

I also did this exercise over at Izzy's place. It was alot of fun. You sound like my kind of friend!

Sunshine Scribe said...

So since you seem to be flexible about math (a quality I respect), I'll do 4 different ones than I did at moonshine...
1. Creative
2. Generous
3. Loyal
4. Enthusiastic

I loved your description and can see many of those qualities in your writing.

IzzyMom said...

You sound like the nicest person! Thanks for taking my request to the next level. I really enjoyed reading this ;-)

Now everyone else do the same and we will all be like old friends in no time at all!

IzzyMom said...

PS: I like your daydream about witty conversations with Dave Grohl. I always thought he'd be really cool to be friends with. I also daydream about witty, intelligent conversations...WITH ANYONE!!!! lol

rhonda said...

You sound wonderful. Come move near me!

tania (urban_mommy) said...

I agree, you sound like a terrific person!

And thanks for the congrats you left on my blog a few weeks back. i'm slowly startingto blog again...

something blue said...

Oh you guys! Stop, Stop... you're making my pale skin turn pink.

Mega Mom said...

I think I encompass so many different traits at different times. My best traits are thoughtfulness, happiness and generousity. My worst are tempermental, impatient and unsympathetic (SOMETIMES, certainly not always).

I'm thrilled to hear that someone else is contemplative. I thought I was the only one with thoughts constantly racing through my brain.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Oh--I so wanna be just like you when I grow up!

You can visit my blog--to discover more of my traits.


nonlineargirl said...

1. emotional (and can you say, no poker face?)
2. friendly
3. deliberative
4. kind

nonlineargirl said...

Oh, and 5. easily distracted - I was going to say thanks for sharing your list with us!

J's Mommy said...

I posted mine up at Moonshine, but I didn't include imaginative. I'm kinda bummed because that's a good word. Like you, I am constantly dreaming. Always thinking of places I'd like to go (Australia) or people I'd like to meet (Oprah). I also forgot to mention that I am very sensitive. I take everything so personally. Great job with your adjectives!!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Mine is also up at Izzy's place, but I wish I would have included Distractable on that list. I can't keep my attention on anything for very lon... Ooh, shiny!

I always knew you would be a smiley person. It shows in your blog.

kittenpie said...

I left mine at Izzy's too, but I would add that I am also:
- contradictory in being both cheery and smiley on one hand, but grumpy and cynical on the other. Beasically, I am happy, but I am easily annoyed because I have no patience for fools.
- I daydream too. Hasn't every librarian written their Oscar speech?