Monday, April 24, 2006

Photo happy

I had big plans! I thought it was about time for me to share a photo of myself. If I leave it much longer, it will only turn into a disappointment. I would hate to raise your expectations for me to look a certain way, only to discover that I am hideous. Quick! Look away.

I let the hair dye seep into my skull for an extra long time. Be gone grays! I wore my contacts and applied new makeup. I put on a slimming black outfit. I dressed our girls in fancy party dresses for the special family event that was about to take place. I've come to rely on their cuteness to distract from my atrociousness.

We had fun! A little too much fun. It was my turn to let loose so Colin kept the gin and tonics flowing. I am an uncomfortable drinker. I start listening to myself speak to make sure that I don't slur or say inappropriate things. I get angry with myself for getting chatty and it never fails that I go over the details of the night the next morning, pointing out to myself how embarrassing it is to be me.

But damn we had a good time. Why is that trying to get a man on the dance floor is equivalent to finding a cure for a disease? Not something I'm likely to achieve in this lifetime. It always ends up a circle of women shaking their booties.

Strawberry was shy and hung off of me. The more uninhibited I got, the more she came out of her shell. By the end of the night, she was tearing it up on the dance floor. Our girls were the only children still going at the end of the night. Yes, we closed the hall down.

After we got home, I was eager to load all the pictures on our computer. I felt more than a little self-conscious while I was playing photographer but Colin's family has come to expect my camera happy, insane addiction to capturing every 10th second. I even let Colin take a couple of me for this planned reveal.

In my tipsy tiredness, I downloaded the pictures, sorting them to our organized folders. The next morning I was anxious to see if the pictures were presentable or not. I searched every folder. I racked my aching brain, but in my haze I must have deleted all pictures of me from the camera. They are nowhere to be found. Maybe it's not meant to be or possibly it's a sign telling me "Don't Do It!"

The wonderful, Auntie Rojo said she didn't mind if I shared this photo of her new tattoo!

It's only fair that I find a photo of myself to include. As I said over at Kittenpie's place, it is important to find your comfort level. I think I feel good about posting this one.

Don't you think this outfit is truly to die for? I'll work on a slightly more recent picture in the near future.

20 Singing the blues:

Pattie the Domesticator said...

I love it! That satin outfit looks like something any young girl at that time (myself included) would have loved to own!!!
I think you should post a picture of yourself, though. I've been considering it myself.

mama_tulip said...

LOL. It *is* to die for. ;)

Auntie Rojo's tattoo is very nice. Two thumbs up!

reluctant.housewife said...

The picture is adorable.

I also took a zillion pictures at wedding this weekend, then downloaded them to my computer as soon as I got home.

Then IPhoto deleted ALL my pictures. I know they're in my computer but it refuses to look at them.

Something's in the air!

AUNTI ROJO said...

its a shame that you lost the pictures from the party . you look very pretty that night.

you should never think you did something that silly. you should just have fun and not care about what other people think of you. the people how know you know how wonderful you are and that is all that should matter. hey and as long as i am around you have nothing to worry a bout because i am always making an ass of would make you look like a saint. lol.

kittenpie said...

Oh, cute cute you.
I think I may post a baby pic of pumpkinpie for her birthday, actually. Just not a current one.

something blue said...

Domesticator - I think I will eventually. I really like how Rhonda did all her self-portraits through the years. It made me feel like she's been a long time friend.

Mama Tulip - Her tattoo is super fine. I should have got a closer shot.

Reluctant housewife - I really hope your pictures turn up! Yes the computer seems whacked out. Even blogger is acting up.

Rojo - Thanks! You’re a sweetie. I think it's just that I'm a control freak and that's why I hate liquor's power. God forbid if anyone should discover that I'm not all prim and proper. (Yah, right!)

Kittenpie - A classic picture will honour your sweet pumpkinpie's special occasion beautifully.

MrsFortune said...

Auntie Rojo is totally hot! :-)

And you are a little looker there, too, mama, you remind me of a character from Square Pegs. :-)

Mrs. Davis said...

Your girls look beautiful! And I kwym about cute kids drawing attention away from how mom looks - I try that trick all the time!

So what's the story behind that outfit you're wearing?

Mrs. Chicky said...

Love the pictures of your kids, love the picture of Aunti Rojo, love the picture of you in all your satin glory. Love the fact that you closed the joint! Yippee!

J's Mommy said...

Awww - come on, you've got to find those pics! It sounds like you guys had a ball - good for you!

Sunshine Scribe said...

Dancing Queen girls - that's awesome.

Aunt Rojo is awesome!

I love your kid-pic - fabulous outfit.

Looks like I am only capable of sound bites today.

Looking forward to the .. cough... deleted pics :)

Marcie said...

You are such a tease! For a sec I thought Aunt Rojo's picture was you. Anyway, you were a cute kid:)

Izzy said...

I'm SO sure you're not hideus. You were a cute kid, too!

I so understand the uncomfortable drinker thing. i could actually use a little more of that. I get SO chatty when i drink. Ugghh...I get embarrassed just THINKING about it and all the dumb things I've done under the

Izzy said...

I just look just like your daughter in that pic!

something blue said...

Mrs. Davis - It was my first figure skating performance as a Sleepyhead. I was about five years old. I should have stayed in skating for the fancy outfits.

Izzy - Everyone always says that our girls look just like their dad so your comment made me happy.

Mom101 said...

Okay, cute kids, cute man, cute baby picture of you...don't think you can fool us with your self-deprecating humor, missie. We know you're a swimsuit model.

HeatherJ said...

I haven't come out of hiding yet either. Everytime I get my picture taken I look at them and think would I want to post this? I have only posted the girls once, but I have such cute pics that I think I will have to spread there cuteness soon.

something blue said...

Mom 101 - LOL Damn I'll never be able to post a picture of myself now! I'm off to find a picture in the Sears catalogue to fill the void.

Her Bad Mother said...

I cannot tell you how fan-fricking-tastic that photo is. And you know, of course, how gorgeous the hub and kids are.

Speechless from all the cuteness.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's more fabulous...your green satin shoes or the truly amazing tattoo. Very cool.