Friday, November 17, 2006

Zombies Ate My Brain

I should be doing other things. Possibly reading many-many blogs, baking cookies, putting away toys, cleaning, laundry, watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy, paying bills or even sleeping. Instead I've been avoiding writing this post by adding to my Stylehive. What can I say? I have an addictive personality!

It seems I am brain dead on Friday's. After the workweek ends, creatively I shrivel up like a dried apricot. Better make that jelly because this weekend is going to be jam-packed! Sorry if that made you gag a little. It's just that we do a have a super fun filled weekend extravaganza all lined up. I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to share.

Until then I'll leave you with a quick meme that I promised Mrs. Chicky that I would do ages ago. I must have been saving it for this very occasion. The rules are that I am supposed to grab the closest book and tell you lines 5 through 8 on page 123.

"It sounds like someone is taking a huge piss, only no one could drink that much."

Standing in the center of the courtyard (something she hadn't even noticed before since the landlady had rushed her up the back stairs) is a large, circular cement fountain meekly spitting out a thin stream of gray water.

"Is that thing on all the time?"
This is from Our Noise by Jeff Gomez. This debut novel was originally published as a 'zine distributed through mail-order venues and Tower Records. Bret Easton Ellis brought it to the attention of publishers. It is one of hundreds of books collecting dust waiting for me to read.

3 Singing the blues:

niloc said...

k, i accidentally grabbed two books when i reached for one.

Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

seeing how i'm just about to die here, people need to know that my personal intention all along has been to serve the glory of god. pretty much. not that you can find this in our mission statement, but that's my general overall plan.

what's interesting is that this book's pages count backwards. 298 to 1.

and the second book is everyones favourite. the 1994 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code.

section 12, wiring methods.
12-1802 (4) all conductors of a circuit shall be contained in the same cell of a cellular floor and, except as permitted by rule 12-3034, the circuits of different systems shall not be contailed therein.

i hate that book...

Pattie said...

Those lines from the book are so funny! Heehee...
I grabbed Dennis Miller "Rants". Here are the lines:
You know....Hey it worked for the Menendez brothers;it's probably going to spring The Juice into the open field; it's every bully's excuse these days, why not make it yours?
"Do I how fast I was going officer?" Yeah, I was doing 115 fucking miles an hour because I have a huge red pepper of rage lodged in my spincter muscle."

Izzy said...

Dude! You have the coolest f-ing stuff in your Stylehive! Seriously, MOST COOLEST! You've inspired me to revive mine from the basement where I stashed it last month. I'm just going to copy all your stuff, though :P