Friday, December 08, 2006

Read For Life

There are things that I'm passionate about in life. I hope that my children will love certain things as much as I do. Already I can see that we all share a fondness for chocolate. Really, how could we not?

Music is something that I equate to air. It surrounds me. I don't think I could live without it. Dancing, singing and listening are daily activities. Experts have said that playing an instrument will make you smarter. I can imagine that to be true. There is definitely a correlation between music and mathematics.

The other thing that I have encouraged is a love for reading. There is nothing like escaping with a great novel. I could never have too many books. In a fantasy world I live in a mansion with many walls lined with books. There would also be an out of this world wine cellar but I digress.

Books are a wonderful thing to collect. When I shop for them I can always find one that I want and they never make me feel fat! I love having books piled up in my living room and bedroom waiting for me. It's like knowing a great adventure is awaiting me.

Today teachers, librarians and parents around the world will be celebrating Scholastic's 8th annual Read for Life by reading for 2,007 seconds (33 ½ minutes). I thought I'd take this opportunity to share some of Strawberry's current favourites.

Kiss Kiss! by Margaret Wild and Illustrator Bridget Strevens-Marzo - A sweet tale about a baby hippo that forgets to kiss his mommy but is reminded by the other animals in the jungle.

Miss Spider's ABC by David Kirk - One of her first favourites, this brightly coloured board book tells the story of a variety of bugs preparing for a surprise birthday party for Miss Spider. Strawberry still loves this book because she participates by announcing the letter on each page.

Disney's Little Einsteins: Music of the Meadow by Susan Ring and Illustrators Katie Nix and Kelly Peterson - She's recently become enthralled with this Disney show. The book combines her love of reading, as well as music and even her desire to be an astronaut.

I Love You: A Rebus Poem by Jean Marzollo and Illustrator Suse Macdonald - A sweet poem with images for her to read.

The Hiccupotamus by Aaron Zenz - This poor hippo has a bad case of the hiccups. This book is a lot of fun with made up words to rhyme.

Thomas and the Shooting Star by W. Awdry and Illustrator Tommy Stubbs - A super bedtime story that leaves her dreamy. Thomas can't fall asleep so he goes off on a search to find a shooting star that will tell him the secret to get to sleep.

Bambi (Little Golden Book) by RH Disney - Even though I find this book hard to read, what with Bambi falling in love with his cousin and Disney's love of killing off all mothers, Strawberry often asks me to read it to her.

I think Buttercup will also be asking for this classic book, because when we went to the grocery store the other day she noticed the many reindeer that they have as decorations. She kept pointing and shouting "Deer!" with her eyes all aglow.

Some of my best moments are spent reading to my children. I love that quiet time spent cuddling and sharing stories. Strawberry already knows that I'm wrapped around her finger and has found the best way to delay bedtime. She'll innocently ask, "One more book mummy?"

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Mother Bumper said...

Bumper loves to bring me books and have me read (though she doesn't always stick around for the reading and goes and gets another book instead) but I'm so glad she loves them nonetheless. Husband and I both love books like no ones business and your fantasy of a library like mansion with kick-ass wine cellar? I'd be your neighbour with the matching house ;)

ali said...

well, you knew i'd have something to say to this post...since i work for that little company called Scholastic :)

instilling a love of reading into your children is the best gift you can give them!!

and i have lots of great read-aloud recommendations if you'd like

chelle said...

All of us are big readers in our house too. Becca can still for up to an hour on her own looking at books, and if we are reading to her, it is endless!

Great post! I so looking for the books you listed next trip!

Kristin said...

We are all about the Little Einsteins and Max & Ruby over in these parts... almost to my peril.

Mom101 said...

What an awesome thing - I didn't know about it. My daughter can be in a room full of toys and she'll dig through and find the one book. It makes a writer mama proud.

Thanks for the suggestions; there are some new ones here to me.

sunshine scribe said...

SUCH a great post! As you know, we are allll about reading over here. Words, words, words ... my guy can't get enough.

Jenny said...

Fabulous suggestions!

Except Bambi...blech. I can't handle it. What was wrong with Mr. Disney?

Jenifer said...

Oh I know all about the bedtime delay....

me: "Come on Miss Paige it's time for bed."

Paige: "No we haf to read a book!"

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Love books. Thanks for the recomendations! I posted a few of my son's favourites too, although he's a bit younger.

Today I found The Boy in his room on the floor with a whole shelf of his books around him. He was "reading" them, all by himself.

Music to my eyes.

Her Bad Mother said...

Aw. 'One more book, Mummy?' Aw.

My heart swells when WB brings me a book to read to her - chubby little hands clutching a book, thrusting it to me. Heart SWELLS.

ewe are here said...

I love the colorful Miss Spider!

MF loves to flip through the pages of his board books and demand that you name everything he points at in them. Repeatedly. So cute.

Nancy said...

Miss Spider's ABC is one of Mimi's favorites as well. She loves the moths that look like they are wearing princess gowns.

I was laughing this morning because a morning DJ on my commute was questioning how anyone could ever read more than 10 books a year. When I had more free time, I could probably have read about 10 books a MONTH. I hope my girls end up to be as voracious about reading as I was (and still am when I have the time!)

Enlightenment said...
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