Thursday, February 01, 2007

In code

My thoughts are so loud that they are drowning out the music that has gradually increased in volume. There is a lump that sits wedged in my throat. Verging tears are spring loaded in the corner of my eyes. My innocent daughters continue to happily bring about smiles. The upturned curve feels like a betrayal to my heavy heart. I have no answers only questions. I want to get in my car and just drive. To nowhere. The answers are not hidden under the X on the map. Logic keeps me planted, yet it would be nice to escape. From me.

My secrets seem to have silenced me. I am a firm believer in the rule to say nothing at all if I am pressed to find nice words.

I do have something good to pass on. Julia at Major Bedhead shared the most beautiful words. Sigh... You should read her Perfect Post.

A Perfect Post – January 2007

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