Sunday, April 15, 2007

Waiting for this moment all her life

...but it's not quite right.

Our latest movie is very long even after editing. Unfortunately it is way too dark. Near the end it does get brighter because we finally clued in. Obviously though it does make me suppress giggles.

The Long Ride Home on Vimeo

Background music:
"Naked Sun" by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
"Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups

9 Singing the blues:

Sandra said...

I LOVE the head banging ... daddy taught me.

That totally made me giggle :)

Pattie said...

They are so cute. One sleeping angel and the other who likes your music choices! :)

Pendullum said...

How adorable!

chelle said...

awww that video was so fun!!!
MY whole family came over to watch her head bang! All in hopes that you would catch Daddy doing it too! hehehe!

Gabriella said...

that was too funny!!!! I love how she loves YOUR music. right now we are stuck on the Backyardigans and if you can believe it SOS by Rihanna :(

crazymumma said...

am I a loser because I cannot get your movie to play? Help!

crazymumma said...

um. I just figured it out. How utterly freakin cutecool is she. I can already see her sliding into a party screaming "turn it up!!!!"

Lisa b said...

Party Girl!!
totally hilarious.

you make me feel so uncool.

mamatulip said...

Over here, Daddy taught Julia how to headbang as well, along with pumping her fist to the music and making the universal METAL sign with her fingers.

Love the vid, and the background music -- I *heart* Silversun Pickups.