Friday, April 13, 2007


I really hope that anyone who read yesterday's post doesn't think negatively about me. I fear that I could end up being a misunderstood blogger. The world certainly doesn't need more of those so I feel the need to clarify.

Typically I got home from work last night and asked Colin what he thought about my latest post. He said that I divulged a lot. You know about train wrecks. He looked at me like I'm nuts.

I tried to explain to him.

Sweetie you're not supposed to take me literally. I was talking about the drama in celebrities lives. Like how you just can't get away from hearing about the craziness going on with Lindsay Lohan (all making love to K-Fed) Not that I want to watch that! Oooooh… Bleeeeech… but the nonsense of celebrity drama is what I meant about train wrecks.

He still looked at me like I am insane.

Now I'm wondering if you are all secretly hoping that Sandra is having dreams about me. Really I'm so insanely worried about this that I dreamt last night that someone was chasing me and trying to inject me with needles that would make my body go numb. I woke up to find that I had been sleeping on my arm in a strange position and I couldn't move it.

So please note that I would never wish ill on anyone. Not people who display Baby on Board! signs; not my frenemies; not that evil boss that I once had; not even Courtney Love.

That has got to say something.

6 Singing the blues:

nonlineargirl said...

Not wishing ill on people doesn't mean never feeling a twinge of satisfaction when someone horrible doesn't have everything come up roses all the time.

I am so thankful that I have a good friend with whom I can share my bases emotions. She tells me hers too, so we know we are not alone in our imperfections.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Never once did I think you had it out for Courtney Love. Not that it necessarily would be that bad...

mamatulip said...

Not even Courtney Love?

You're a bigger woman than I.

Lisa b said...

Lohan and Fed-ex?
Where the hell have I been????

(no judgement here)

kittenpie said...

Whatever is that man talking about? I got you completely on that. Don't you lose a moment's much-needed sleep over it, hon.

Alley Cat said...

The only insanity I got out of this post was that of Lindsay Lohan's. It was more of a confirmation, really.