Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where Men Fear To Go

I thought it was about time to clean out my purse. I just got it four months ago. How bad could it be? Yah, right! It appears that purse = transportable garbage bag.

Current contents included:
Too many icky scrunched up Kleenex tissues
One package of Arby's Sauce
One loose Corn Pop
Two washable Crayola markers - Yellow and Black
One sheet of Circus stickers
Three half melted Mott's Fruitsations Snack packs
Hair band - (mine)
Hair clip and ponytail holder - (the girls)
Toddler sized pink sunglasses
Eight hard candies in assorted colours
Sticky note reminder about a work event
SickKids confirmation appointment letter
A makeshift shopping list on an empty Tim Horton's bag
Almay Whipped lip gloss
Receipt for the White Stripes CD
Seven escaped pennies and a dime

Missing in action - Cell phone

3 Singing the blues:

crazymumma said...

Now I know I am anal.

I clean my purse out EVERY day.

I AM that crazy....

petite gourmand said...

too funny.
I'm a neat freak, but my purse is always filled with so much crap.
A girl's gotta have at least one messy zone.

kittenpie said...

Ha! Before I left I literally just emptied mine out into a bag to be dealt with later. When I get to it. Heh.