Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Big Dreams

It’s pretty rare for me to remember my dreams. My consistent state of being over tired and stubbornly avoiding bed when I know I should be sleeping pretty much kills the whole dream process.

This morning though I caught the memory of one fresh in my mind and I wanted to write it down.

We were still at the cottage. I dreamt that our friends, D&D suddenly showed up with a Land Rover Defender 90. It’s one of those toys that I’ve always wanted. Zero practicality but the dumb thing just appeals to me. Jana was out with our car doing something but she quickly returned with a Land Rover herself. (Yes, this dream is fully sponsored by Land Rover and Cottage Life Magazine.)

What Jana had was the full sized SUV. Overly practical with four rows of seating and I think it had eight doors. I was totally stunned. “You sold our car?!?” She didn’t offer any explanation. She was entirely nonchalant. “But I had stuff in that car!! We bought that car for you specifically! The roof racks were still on it!” Her only response was “You had nothing of any real value in the car.” How could she do this? We have never discussed a huge SUV. The car was legally in my name. What crazy Dealership would do such a thing?

The dream ended right about there with me totally dazed. I woke up soon after and started wondering what would cause me to have such a spun dream. All I could think of was the recent trip MBT just had to Chicago in the huge Suburban.

5 Singing the blues:

kittenpie said...

Ha. As soon as you said she came home with a huge SUV, I was remembering her enjoying driving that big hulk down the wide open highway. Watch your registration slip carefully there, Niloc!

motherbumper said...

It was definitely the road trip dude - I'm with k'pie, keep an eye on the registration and credit cards.

crazymumma said... this mean you are coming to blogher next year in my trans am?

then we will show Jana cool.

Sandra said...

Love this dream. Remind me to tell you about the time I drove a LandRover.

something blue said...

Thanks for pointing out that I need to get the Defender 90. That makes my job easier for turning your dreams into reality! Just thinking of you babe.