Friday, August 10, 2007

Modus Vivendi

A while back my friend Mouse tagged me in the ten things I like about me meme. These are a few of the things that I love.

I can find the humour in the crazy nothingness of every day life. I love having people around me that can turn silliness into never ending jokes. It's like Seinfeld never ended.

I can love whole heartedly with every atom of my being.

Music fills me with energy. It's like a fresh breath of clean air for my soul. It lifts me up and carries me through every day of my life. Plus I know a few things about music. All these years, erm… twenty, cough, bringing home the crispy bacon with this knowledge might be good for something.

I love my friends because the people that surround us make us who we are.

I can escape in a blink of an eye. I fall deep into every form of entertainment but I don't even need a great novel or film to lose myself. My imagination carries me away at any moment of the day.

I have learned to love to spend time with myself alone. Not in that Hot and Bothered way, you dirty girl/boy. As a teenager, I gravitated to my friends and couldn't understand when my best friend needed some time to herself. Now I completely get it.

I make some truly, delicious chocolate chip cookies. My parents and younger brother dubbed them Smores because they always wanted more. I used to bake them every time I got caught up in teenage depression. We inhaled a lot of these cookies in the '80's.

I enjoy my appreciation for coffee. I love experiencing the heat on my palms as I wrap my fingers around a large, steamy cup, breathing in the wake-me-up aroma and sipping the comforting liquid every day. Wait! Make that multiple times a day. I love that I can always look forward to my next cup of coffee. I love finding out that my addiction will only benefit my memory when I'm a senior.

I'm competitive with myself. Actually that's a love/hate thing but I think I'm winning.

I love knowing the contagious power of a smile. I like that it comes naturally to beam at strangers. I love seeing someone smile at me and realizing that it's because I have been smiling at them. That's me, Miss Mary Sunshine, spreading happiness around the world, one smile at a time.

I've never been great at tag but I got to say it feels pretty sweet to step back and take inventory on some positive qualities that make me who I am. So go on... get all glowy with me. We can take turns trying to fit our inflated heads through the doorway.

12 Singing the blues:

motherbumper said...

well I just love everything about you and can I say that you made my freakin' day with that link about the benefits of coffee.

me said...

I've seen a lot of these memes, and I like your answers the best. You sound like such an interesting person I wish I knew you, and a cool friend!


kgirl said...

Your smile is definitely contagious :)
These answers are serene and delicious.

Kyla said...

Great answers. And from what I gather, all 100% true.

nonlineargirl said...

I get that alone time, but didn't really need it when I was younger. Having a child has strengthened my need for alone time, or at least time without a child yelling and stepping on my toes to get a better look at whatever is on the countertop.

kittenpie said...

Honey, I love all those things about you, too. Although I didn't know about the cookies... Have you been holding out on me?!?

Alley Cat said...

You had me at "cookies".

nomotherearth said...

I wish we had met at the bloggy get together back at the pub in March. Here's hoping we have another GTA get together really soon.

Bring Smores.

Mouse said...

Totally loving the recent coffee info. There was also something about lowering risk of colon cancer in women not too long ago.

And I'm wondering why I haven't had those cookies yet--perfect MBT treats!

Mrs. Chicky said...

All those things about you are loverly. Especially the music thing. I totally dig that about you.

Sandra said...

It has been interesting reading people's response to this meme. I honestly don't think I could do it myself. Think of 10 things and write them down. And tell people. It makes my hands sweat.

But I had to say that I think your list is perfect. Your self awareness is amazing ... it is exactly how I see you in all your inner and outer beauty and amazingness. Lucky to have you as a friend.

ewe are here said...

Great answers. Especially about learning to love spending time on your own. I've always felt that was such an important skill, and I've always needed some 'me' time, too.

And your cookies sound yummy.