Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Tomorrow in Ontario, there will be a Provincial Election and a Referendum. I have taken the time to educate myself on the issues. It is really up to the individual to seek out information about this which is very unfortunate. It means that the general public probably does not know their options and likely do not care.

Only five referendums have ever been held in Ontario with the last one being in 1924. We now have an opportunity for change and people need to decide if this is something that we want. People need to be given the facts. I hope it is not swept under the rug because voting means that we have options. There is never a perfect solution offered but there are pros and cons to everything.

Right now I find that people who do vote often do so with the intention of using their vote to go against what they do not want to happen. Personally I am tired of strategic voting and I would rather vote for a candidate who can achieve positive results in matters that are important to me.

If I can convince one person in Ontario to watch this TVO special (or like I did - listen to it while I worked) in order to make an intelligent decision, all the better.

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petite gourmand said...

I have to admit- I have no clue as to what this election is really all about this time around.
very unfortunate.
good for you.

Assertagirl said...

I'm glad to see someone post about the election locally.

I'll be a poll clerk tomorrow! It's my first time. 14 hours. Should be interesting!

niloc said...

Here are a few bonus links:


Sorry the last one is a Facebook link. The vote tomorrow is a big topic on there. It doesn't matter which way you vote, just as long as you make the effort.

Lisa b said...

The banker informed me that he does not intend to vote as it won't make a difference.
I told him it was irresponsible of him not to vote in the referendum. So then he tells me he was going to vote conservative so I won't bug him anymore.

I hear Bob Rae is a fan of the MMP. So if you think otherwise you have 12 hrs to convince me.

Kyla said...

If I was Canadian, I'd vote just for you. Okay, I'd probably vote anyway, but I would totally say I was doing it just for YOU!

kittenpie said...

Good for you. I usually end up making my decisions on the last day, when I finally have to make time to go read stuff and sort out my choices! I am nothing if not deadline-driven. (ahem *procrastinator* ahem)

Tania said...

There are pros and cons to the first past the post style and the mixed member proportional. The thing that tips it for me is that the MMP has, everywhere that it has been implemented - regardless of the mix, regardless of the proportions - raised the number of women in government. Hands down, it is a truth about this system: it gives women seats.
So, if I have to decide between two imperfect systems, I'm choosing the one that evens the gender if not the politics.