Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Contract of Marriage

Bavarian politician, Gabriele Pauli, proposed that marriages should expire after seven years. At first when I read the headline in the newspaper I scoffed at the absurdity. While this theory does promote the idea of divorce, I think there might be a secret to happiness that lies within it.

She suggested that after seven years couples should agree to extend their marriage or it should automatically dissolve. This concept actually makes sense to me. Most people would consider indefinite legal contracts to be unfair and unreasonable. Looking at marriage like it is just a contract is dreary. However knowing a decision has to be made in seven years would encourage couples to keep the romance alive. It might make people work harder at maintaining a good relationship.

The institution of marriage has received the reputation of being like a prison with your spouse being your ball and chain. Commitment phobia is a well-known phenomenon. The 'M' word was forbidden from my language during my twenties.

Traditionalists would oppose this concept but if the government worked in a tax break for couples that renewed their marriage contract then it would further encourage long term marriages.

If nothing else there would certainly be more parties!

Nineteen more months?

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motherbumper said...

ohhhhh happy anniversary

hot damn that's a beautiful photo

looks like you could renew that contract for an indefinite period of time

Mac and Cheese said...

Interesting idea. I think it would make the already-good marriages stronger, but the mediocre marriages could go either way. Whatever. You guys look great in that picture.

Kyla said...

I don't know what I think. I do believe marriage should be for the long haul, but I also see the appeal to this system. Heck, next year Josh and I could let ours dissolve and I could get decent insurance for me and the kids and then we could remarry. LOL. Then we'd have insurance and gifts! ;)

Lisa b said...

oh look at you two!!
My friend's mom and her second husband had this arrangement. Every year they would sit down and discuss whether to carry on or part ways.
He said they finally stopped having the annual conversation a few years ago.

Don Mills Diva said...

I believe in marriage for the long haul but anything that makes you re-examine how it's going is not a bad thing. That photo? Gorgeous!

Sandra said...

You are beyond stunning :)

.... miss you

crazymumma said...

....look at the two of you.


b*babbler said...

Ah, and by that photo I see marriage for the long haul. Gorgeous photo.

Wonderful meeting you today! I'm just sorry we didn't get to talk longer!

nomotherearth said...

What a stunning photo.

I kind of like the idea of the seven year contract. Although it would mean that I would have to be a LOT nicer to Mr Earth.. ;-)

motherbumper said...

oh I get it now that it's been explained to me and my thick skull... can I delete my first comment?

kittenpie said...

Oh, interesting. It might shake up the inertia that holds some couples together, create a sort of once-in-7-year state-of-the-union review.

But Blue, I looove your dress. What a lovely photo.

nonlineargirl said...

My first thought was "do I get new gifts every 7 years? I'd like that." But then I realized how many 7 year gifts I'd have to give and oy, that is no good. (So materialistic today, oh well.)