Saturday, November 10, 2007

Professing My Love

Every day I wake up with you on my mind.
I cherish every moment that I hold you close.
If I'm having a bad day, I fix it by escaping to you.
When I'm cold, you fill me with warmth.
Oh how I love you.
I don't mind when you keep me up all night long...
I had no idea how much I relied on you until today.
We were kept apart and I couldn't function.
I know I share my addiction for you with countless others.
But I think of our relationship as special.
I can't live without you my dear coffee.
Tomorrow we will be together again...

While I was obsessing over my lack of coffee, niloc was busy getting his pop rocks off.

Ticket Monopoly

It is pretty hard to beat a great band in a small venue when it comes to concerts. The sound beats any arena. You can actually see the band members perform and usually there is a much greater interaction between the stage and the crowd.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are coming back to Toronto. Yes, they have a bizarre name but they always give a very theatrical performance of their own brand of indie rock. They have always performed in various clubs but this show coming up will be the most intimate show yet. I had to get tickets. After calling a good buddy and my brother I then started out to find tickets.

Typically I always try the independent record stores first. In Toronto we have Rotate This!, Sonic Temple and Soundscapes. These stores are usually staffed by cool and knowledgeable employees, far better than any big chain store. So after work I hit Queen West and run into Rotate This! and ask for four Trail Of Dead tickets. The guy behind the counter was surprised to hear me ask about the band. He quickly shouted to the guy in the back to check if they were selling them while digging through the box of tickets they keep under the counter. They didn’t have them. He starts to explain that this is a first and didn’t understand why they weren’t selling them. I’m already running through my options in my head and they are very quickly limited to just one… Ticketmaster.

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