Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Melting Pot

I like headlines. My Google Reader is filled with clever news snippets that peak my interest. I know by reading them which one is going to leave me repulsed, saddened, shocked or feeling warm and fuzzy. I admit that often the human interest pieces are my favourite. I did a quick tour of the news today and these are the topics that made me go hmmmm…

Of Canada's thirty one million people, twenty percent of them were born outside of Canada. What amazes me more is that the foreign-born proportion of the population is at its highest in 75 years. You'd think 1933 would have 2007 beat but no. According to the statistics, over a half a million people have settled in Ontario within the last five years. The media spins this as beneficial in replacing the baby boomers in the workforce.

December has arrived with a flurry of snow storms and of course a flurry of holiday parties. Little did I know that as the joy of the season warms my heart three sizes larger, it also threatens to weaken my heart. December and January are the deadliest months for heart disease. This is caused by an excess of rich meals, more alcohol and extra stress. I had no clue that a heavy meal that is high in fat, immediately stresses the heart as it is digested. Many people pass off heart pain as indigestion when they should be getting to a hospital.

It seems Hollywood knows which side their bread is buttered on and it is with the over thirty five A-List celebrities. 44 year old Johnny Depp scored $92 million in 2007 while Nicole Kidman, 40, brought home $28 million. Pretty boys Brad Pitt, 43 and George Clooney, 46, are major forces among the A-listers. In this ever evolving youth driven market, it would be nice to see the media react by shifting standards to embrace midlife instead of unrealistically push to preserve a twenty something appearance.

A new study suggests that a teaspoon of honey before bed could calm children's coughs and therefore help them sleep better. However honey is not recommended for infants as it might contain the toxins that cause botulism.

The too good to be true Canadian dollar has slipped down to 98.88 cents U.S. I better go stock up on magazines before they start charging the Canadian price again. I can't wait to skim more headlines!

4 Singing the blues:

Kyla said...

I really enjoyed these snippets!

motherbumper said...

You have now trumped my readers - I like your takes much much better.

Amy U. said...

Dammit, I'll be shopping in Michigan this weekend, just a few weeks too late!

Gabriella said...

I guess my mom knew what she was doing as I remember always getting a spoon of honey when i had a cough!
I'm also one of the 20%!