Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Kisses

Finally, after what feels like forever, I'm feeling better. Since I've been so run down and stressed I got not one, but two cold sores. So attractive. I want to hide in my house for a week. I'm embarrassed to even go to the coffee shop. I've been so busy that I've managed to hide behind my computer. Fortunately the awesome people that I work with have been delivering coffee and sustenance to keep me going.

I have been having a super hard time holding back the kisses to my girls. After few days of big hugs, I was struck by a revelation. I had not once stopped myself from planting a big one on my husband. While we are a touchy feely couple we are not kissy kissy. I think when I am healed, I'm going try and work on this. Kisses make everything better.

Since I am in hiding out mode, I received an advance copy of Petite Anglaise by Catherine Sanderson. I would love nothing more than to lounge in my backyard with a frosty beverage and devour this novel.

If you live in the Toronto area and would like your own copy email me at cmcreate[at]gmail[dot]com.

There is a bonus to this offer, as you will also get an invitation to a blogger's brunch launch party on Friday, June 6th. Say that three times fast and this is going to the first three people who are fast!

You can look for this book in stores as of June 17th and check out Catherine's blog petite anglaise.

6 Singing the blues:

metro mama said...

Glad you're feeling better finally! I'm just getting better too. Crazy bug!

Christina said...

Kisses do make everything better!

Redneck Mommy said...

Read the book a few weeks back. I enjoyed it.

I'm glad you are feeling better.

kittenpie said...

Pumpkinpie tells me she doesn't like kisses, but "lets" me give them to her because she knows I like to kiss her. Funny kid. Once you heal, you go kiss up those yummy girls of yours!

something blue said...

Just a note to let you know that all prize packs have now been spoken for.

Congrats to Christina, Kittenpie and Leslie!

petite gourmand said...

glad to hear you are feeling better.
it really does suck when you are sick.
that was my entire winter in a nut shell.