Friday, April 11, 2008

The Red Folder

When I'm away from the office I like to imagine that the whole place is going to fall apart without me. Sometimes my self importance barely fits through the door! I hold my role with high regard and often need a pat on the back even if it is just me doing awkward yoga positions. I usually don't talk about work in this space so please excuse me while I butter up my very important career.

On the occasion when I have to call in sick, I worry about everyone at the office. I don't want the staff to feel overwhelmed yet I want everything to run smoothly like a well oiled machine. I have to consider that I have the executives to report to about my department.

I have long ago learned how to delegate but there are still certain tasks that I manage with a meticulous procedure. I have three immediate deadlines coming up on big projects and it was a rough time to be away. On Monday, I had to force myself through one task even though I was feeling completely ill. Once I completed my pressing responsibilities I made my way home. However, pushing myself on Monday made it next to impossible for me to move my germ ridden, weak body the next day.

While I recuperated there was still the nagging guilt of being away during a crunch period. On Wednesday I did not feel any improvement but I couldn't be away any longer. I dragged my sorry butt back to work. In my mind I had already began prioritizing my tasks. When I walked into my office I noticed a new red folder sitting beside my computer. My heart dropped. I was worried that another urgent project would have to be added to my list. I picked it up and it had my name written on it.

A huge sigh of relief! Maybe it's someone's birthday and this was just a card being circulated. Maybe there will be cake! I might have the flu but I can always enjoy a slice of chocolate celebration.

Little did I suspect upon opening the red folder that I was in for a real treat.

Oh, I love my work! Katharine is hilarious and I really think she should have her own blog. While I may have missed an impromptu visit from my boyfriend, John Mayer, I managed to get front row center tickets for the next time he's scheduled to come to Toronto! For real! Front row, center! Gah. I need to leash up my inner teenage girl hysteria.

By the way, did you know that I am part of a triple threat dishing up celebrity gossip in Binkywood? It is so much fun. Those crazy celebrities make it super easy for us. I'm such a geek that I really feel an overwhelming desire to comment on every single one of these gossip posts... "First!"

Plus it's just a hop, skip and jump over to a rockin Playdate. It's all new and shiny and the liquor is flowing!

11 Singing the blues:

nomotherearth said...

That card rocks. Truly

Heather said...

See, now that's how I knew I needed a different job. I used to be home and LOVING the images of my co-workers suffering. I'm nice like that.

But my co-workers never gave me a card like that. She's awesome.

kgirl said...

hopefully he'll leave the banana hammock at home ;)

Mimi said...

That card. It's much too much. That banana hammock? ** shudder **

metro mama said...

Too funny!

kittenpie said...

Ha! That is VERY funny! Too bad you missed him... Remember to bring extra undies to the concert.

See you tonight? I hope so - I hope you're feeling better enough to make it.

And me, I used to be the same, but I was taught by a wise old clerk that the sun will still shine without me, so if I feel truly, truly terrible, unless I have a class visit or programme, I will stay home now. Sometimes it's nice to be humbled.

Kyla said...


sam said...

I LOVE your coworkers!!

Let's just hope he leaves the mankini at home the night of the concert, right?

I was really sad when they said you weren't coming last night - so glad that you showed... unless I get your virus...then I will be hunting you down. *wink*

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Best card ever.

crazymumma said...

Johnny Ballsack.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT's a workplace. Gotta keep morale up, huh?