Thursday, April 09, 2009

Return to sender

Words are not my friend. Sleep is not my friend. It seems I find myself giving comfort to those who I think might need it yet I feel empty. Dried up. I am but a shell of who I once was. I used to like her but times got tough and I went MIA. There are days that I'll make a brief appearance but then gone again. All that's left is an unknown girl hiding behind this half smile and glossed over eyes. Do they see it? How transparent am I? Shake it off. Things will get worse. Oh good, something to look forward to…

I am searching for hope in faraway wishes. It’s a waste of concentration on energy that could be better spent. I long for a little piece of myself to return so that I can escape. Down. down. drowned.

5 Singing the blues:

Sandra said...

I understand and I hope you know what a wonderful, gorgeous, talented, generous, loving, amazing breath of fresh air you are to everyone lucky enough to know you.

Hugs to you.

I here whenever you need. Really, really, really.

krista said...

Sounds like you're shedding skin, creating something new. Growing pains maybe?


metro mama said...

She'll come back.

I second what Sandra says.

xxx ooo


petite gourmand said...

I feel like I could have written this..(especially today)

Lisa b said...

can I make you some cupcakes?