Thursday, July 16, 2009


“Good morning birthday girl.”
(sleepy smiles)
“How old are you today?”
“No, you’re four.”
“Are you one?”
“Are you two?”
“Are you three?”
“No you’re not. You’re four today!”
“Are you tricking me? I’m three!”
“Don’t you want to be four? Four is fun!”
“Three is fun. You’re tricking me. I’m not four. No one has sung happy birthday to me.”
“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear buttercup. Happy birthday to you.”
(smiles coyly) “I haven’t had cake yet.”
“You’ll have cake at daycare! Hey do you want to open your presents?”
“How old are you?”
(holds up four fingers)
“Ok let’s go!”

9 Singing the blues:

Mac and Cheese said...

I'll be four if can have cake and presents too! Happy birthday buttercup!

No Mother Earth said...

You're tricking me.

Too funny.

chelle said...

aww what a sweetie!
Happy Birthday to your cutie!

kgirl said...

Happy Birthday Miss Buttercup! So very adorable. I have that dress for both my girls.

Kyla said...

Four has been AWESOME for us. Hope it is for Buttercup, too.

sam {temptingmama} said...


metro mama said...

Look how big she is! Happy belated birthday!

mamatulip said...

Sorry I'm so late here, but HAPPY BELATED!

Capital Mom said...

Love it. And that little bit of distrust will take her far. :-)