Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I only hope that the things that she has seen don't ruin her chance for happiness. Six was too early to learn so many of the reasons that make life unfair. In three days she will turn seven. I have to reach deep within to find the strength to undue the damage. She deserves that.

5 Singing the blues:

Julie said...

She will be grow up to be as strong and wise as her wonderful mother.

I've been thinking about you. Let's schedule that Friday lunch soon, okay?


Sandra said...

She is as beautiful as her mama and she'll be okay - better than okay. Look at the incredible role model she has in you and your strength, love and awesomeness xo

Kyla said...

Those rough patches only serve to make us all stronger and more compassionate. We want to protect them from all the hurts of the world, but we can't...and as long as we do our best to guide them through, they'll come out better for it in the end.

kittenpie said...

She is stunning - she looks just like you here! Simply beautiful.

And really, not only are children resilient, but she has a wonderful mama, a mama with a fierce heart full of love, to help her on her way through. When she is old enough to understand why, she will be so proud of you for being the person you are and for your strength.

Hugs to both of you, love. And can I take you for coffee on Friday?

petite gourmand said...

beauty is an understatement