Friday, December 17, 2010

Haunted Heart

Layers of dust
Cover each chamber
Rhythmic pounding
Faintly echoes on
Pushing through
Invasive thoughts
That keeps the blood warm
The weight of a thousand blankets
Rest upon
The love in my haunted heart.

Roaming through me
Sending tidal waves that steal my breath
My sweet ghost fills the space
More than any other soul
Suffocating the others
With no signs of vacating
Forever in my haunted heart.

2 Singing the blues:

Sandra said...

You are beautiful and amazing and this was stunningly written. And the picture?!?! Wow.

But I can't help but have the nagging feeling some ghost, who shall remain nameless, needs to stop breaking your gorgeous heart. Or else. Grrr

ms blue said...

Thanks Sandra! You made my morning.
However that's the thing about ghosts... They linger and loom. Do you know any hawt exorcists?!?