Sunday, June 26, 2011


Bipolar bouncing from love to hate
Settling into the gray.
Time advances forward... frozen over.
Living in opposites
Stop. Go. Crawl away
With a band-aid covered broken heart
That has no regard for what I think.
Clinging to every little sign
And despising myself for it
Coincidence. I try to convince myself
Wanting otherwise doesn't make it so.
Embrace the things I love
Sipping coffee
Pink bubblegum lip gloss
The warm breeze on a beautiful day
A favourite new song on repeat
Every moment with my girls.
Sudden rage rushes in to devour me
Before I slip back into the aching sadness
So tired of feeling broken
Then overwhelmed with anger again.
I wonder if things will change
Why fate hasn't stepped in
Or have I blocked it
Too afraid the next wave of pain will be too much for me.
Red. Green. Yellow

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