Saturday, March 25, 2006

Checking bathroom walls

It's a rainy, Jack Johnson Saturday. His music is perfect for rainy days. It also suits lazy, lounging, coolie drinks in the sun at the cottage. I've convinced Strawberry that Jack Johnson is Curious George so that she doesn't throw herself on the ground and cry for The Backyardigans. I do like those disco beats but one can only listen to this CD a hundred times a day.

I have an ever-growing list of things I want to write about, but the words escape me. I expect a lot out of my amateur writing. I have to be happy with it. So happy that I can go back and reread things. Again and again. Maybe with a smile. At least without a sour, tart face. So far not everything here meets my own standards, but that's not enough reason to hit delete. It's a learning process and I hope that practice will make me better.

So instead of tackling a topic, I leave you with a question? (Begging for more audience participation... is anyone out there?)

Do you get silent, listen for a few moments... hang up phone calls everyday?

We do. If I didn't know better, I'd swear my husband was doing things to bring on Fatal Attraction stalkers. Maybe I have been using my husky Demi voice too often. I don't know. Call me.
867-5309 (I shouldn't make light of this because it really does creep me out, but what's a girl to do?)

11 Singing the blues:

Nicole said...

Is it those computers that call and don't answer you because someone else they called at the same time picked up first?? Maybe it's no one on the other end.

rhonda said...

I dont know if you have *69 on your phones in Canada, but around here if you get that call, hang up, and dial * will tell you the phone number that called you last...then you can google it!

something blue said...

Nicole - you're right, but only occasionally it is a telemarketer. It's turned into a staring like contest with me returning their silence, waiting on the phone until the line goes dead.

Rhonda - yes we do have that feature but it appears that most of time the caller is phoning from a cell, which is not traceable. It's getting expensive calling *69.

Her Bad Mother said...

I was going to make the same suggestion that Nicole did (about the possibility of the automated telemarketer...) But it's been said, so I'll just say this - making light of creepy things makes them easier to handle.

And? Your girls are totally adorable.

(Wandered over from your comment at Urban Mommy/downtown livin's good for baby - another TO mom!)

IzzyMom said...

"I've convinced Strawberry that Jack Johnson is Curious George"

rofl...that's brilliant!

No to weird phone calles but if I was getting them, I'd be figuring out a way to ID them. But I'm a control freak like that :-)

Mrs. Chicky said...

Yep, we constantly get those hang-up phone calls. They really tick me off. In my rational mind I know its telemarketers on a fishing expedition. But in my Mommy mind I think its some looney just making sure I'm home before he wastes his time trying to break into my home!

BTW, I loves me the Jack Johnson. Good choice for a rainy day! :)

chelle said...

"I've convinced Strawberry that Jack Johnson is Curious George" That is a brilliant Idea!!!!
We are so loving that soundtrack, especially in the car! Thanks for stopping by!! I love it that you are Canadian (me too but we live in California at the moment)
Don't worry about posts and thoughts flowing, we all have good days and bad and it does get a little easier!
I am going to stop typing now...

nonlineargirl said...

I don't notice that problem, but I've stopped picking up the phone if I don't know the caller or am not specifically expecting a call. I always thought caller ID was silly, until we got new phones that had it. Now I'm addicted.

something blue said...

I so need caller ID. I'm even beginning to not run to the phone with excitement every time it rings. I'm replacing that need with the thrill of seeing a new comment awaiting here!

It's good to know I'm not the only one dealing with strange calls.

cameo said...

how HAVE you been living without caller id? i'm with izzy on the control thing - i have to know who's on the other end. get the caller id- it's soooooooooooooooooo worth it!!!!! but don't tell anyone you're getting it! then you'll be able to catch the jerk! and if it's at all possible to get on a no call list, do that too!!! can you tell i'm a little bit anti-social?

scarbie doll said...

Also don't have caller ID, also loving the Jack Johnson. When I answer the phone and no one answers right away, I hang up quickly, before the computer phone brings up the telemarketer. As for the breathy waiting voice, you need to star 69 that mofo and call back.