Monday, March 13, 2006

I need a sippy cup

Big mess

Every time I go get a coffee, I can never make it home without spillage. I'm not a shoddy driver. It just seems that I have bad coffee karma. Thank goodness for my hubby who feeds my caffeine addiction on a regular basis. Otherwise I'd be the mom in the playgroup drinking coffee from my daughter's sippy cup.

Canadians looking for Stephen Harper to honour the promise of a national child care program can sign this petition by April 3rd.

3 Singing the blues:

moe said...

I just found your blog. I'm new to blogging too. Your girls are so cute.

I will not be signing a petition for a national child care program. I live in Quebec where we already have a 'national' child care program. I am against this for many reasons. Even when 2 of my kids were in $5/day daycare I did not think the system was fair. I could go on and on. Perhaps I will try to put my thoughts together and blog about it.

I hope we can still be friends. Friends with different views can make for interesting conversations.

something blue said...

Moe - I'd love to know your thoughts.

My understanding is that there is not enough daycare spots all across Canada. Plus programs such as The Healthy Babies Healthy Children and Preschool Speech are being jeopardized by lack of funding and this results in growing waiting lists for services.

No worries. All points of view are welcome here!

J's Mommy said...

Don't know much about child care issues in Canada but I do know moms everywhere could use a grown up sippy cup! Have a good day!