Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sugarcoated sanity

Today I'm my normal crazy self. It actually kind of scares me how I can fully return to myself so quickly. The white jacket, padded room type disconcerting, especially since I don't look good in white. I'm too pale.

I chalk yesterday up to the wee hours of the morning spent playing Sims 2. It's an addiction I submit to only when the little ones are sleeping. Time literally escapes me when I play. Sleep deprivation has a way of playing havoc with my mind. Plus then a Pringles commercial hypnotized me.

All is swell once more. That's not to say that today wasn't filled with insane moments. Getting Buttercup to not cry, remove her toy from her mouth and eat some baby food was a challenge. It's true that Gwyneth Paltrow would not want to be my friend. She's been quoted saying she can't understand why anyone would baby talk. How else can you say, "Sweetie take chicken legs out so mommy can put the num nums in?" Not in a grown up voice! How do you have endless rounds of giggle provoking peek-a-boo? It is not possible without the sugarcoated tone. I found humor in the fact that supposedly her husband Chris is using the force, playing light sabers with a friend. (Once again interview material just heard this evening) He gets to be a kid but it’s only grown up talk for Apple.

With that thought, I'm off to sleep so that more sanity can return.

3 Singing the blues:

jennster said...

sleep =sanity? i'm definitely doing something wrong then. lol

rhonda said...

Okay, tell me more about the num nums :)

Have a great snooz!

scarbie doll said...

Skinny Gwynnie is an ass for saying that. She and her pal "If your kids not potty-trained by two, you're a bad parent" Madonna can screw off. That's the whole point of becoming a parent -- so you can refer to yourself in the third person and talk sickeningly cutesy to the person so cute your heart explodes.

And because clearly, English is no longer my forte now that I have mom brain.