Friday, March 17, 2006

One cool cat

Thanks for the inspiration.


Oh sure lady, have your fun. Put stupid toys on my head. I'm too tired to fight you on this. I was up all night playing with that balloon. Did you notice that I didn't even pop it with these vicious claws that I have? I'm living on the edge, man. It's just one of my many untapped talents.

I'm just going to ignore you. Now go away. Oh damn a bright light. Is this the end or did you just take a picture? You didn't just capture me looking like this, DID YOU? Well you have been feeding me for years so ok, maybe just this once. At least it's the cool dragon and not that atrocious peacock.

Why haven't one of those little things distracted you from this silly nonsense by now? You know one can only put up with so much of the yanking of my awesome tail, the squishing me senseless and the ever so loud constant squealing. You should really do something about them.

I will have my revenge lady. Just wait. Tonight when you are all sleeping, shortly after you get that little thing to be quiet for the zillionth time, I will bring you all to tears with my insistent wailing for food. It works for them and I'm definitely more important. I mean, just look at me!

4 Singing the blues:

Becky said...

Hahah! I need that dragon! Is it from a Little People set? I have a bit of an obsession :)

something blue said...

It's the Sir Lance-A-Little add on set for the Castle.

Mom101 said...

Oh I so wish I could do that without my cat biting my arm off in the process.

chelle said...

HAHAHAHA! We have so done that!!!! I read your post out to my husband and we laughed so hard!