Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chew on this

Warning: Dentyne Ice Frost Bites are powerful. Not so much that they'll freeze your head off. This is not my favourite commercial.

I actually bought it for the packaging. I'm a sucka for packaging. Good thing I don't live in Japan.

Now back to my community service announcement. I popped in three chiclets and was overwhelmed by this extreme gum. To demonstrate how lovely I thought my breath would be from this new product, I leaned over to my husband and blew some air his way. He literally screamed out in pain. "It burns. It burns. My eyes!" I could see this dragon like super power being useful in some situations. Mental note: it might be better to limit myself to two chiclets at a time.

On a side note: There is now another beautiful girl in Alberta. My cousin had her second daughter yesterday. I'm so thrilled for them. Too bad we don't live nearby, as our children are so close in age.

15 Singing the blues:

Her Bad Mother said...

My husband just made a commercial for Excel's version of extreme gum, so we have boxes of the stuff here that I cannot touch because, having tried one piece that blasted my gums off, I am afraid. Very afraid.

gingajoy said...

am sitting here eating altoids right now, and trying to think who i can breathe on with my killer/freeze breath. yeah!

Bridgermama said...

Ok, I really need to get me some of these. Sometimes I don't have the strength or imagination to come up with snappy come-backs, and with these all I would need to do is breath on my victim? I am so going to the local 7 eleven to get some today!!!
plus K has been a total butt lately! :)

Nicole said...

Sounds like quite a treat!

Mom101 said...

Most advertisers imply that using their products, you will be more attractive to the opposite sex, be a better mother, have a more fulfilling life. But no, not Dentyne. With their product you will simply be decapitated, causing your cab driver to crash and kill himself and your girlfriend.

Sign me up for some Dentyne!

mama_tulip said...

Sweet, I love gum like that.

Congrats to your cousin!

Pattie the Domesticator said...

A new baby! How exciting. I have to admit, I am a sucker for packaging as well. Those marketers know their stuff!

Sunshine Scribe said...

Congrats Auntie Blue!

I WAS a marketer and I still get sucked into the packaging. But dude that is like the WORST commercial on air!!

Mrs. Chicky said...

If I pop 5 pieces of that stuff into my mouth and then answer the door for the butthead who's trying to sell me more magazines will it make him run away screaming "My eyes! My eyes!"? Because I'm running out to the store to get some right now if it will.

rhonda said...

OOOH can't wait to try that stuff!

Mommy off the Record said...

ooh, i've been looking for something stronger than my altoids. thanks for the recommendation!

Lena said...

This IS disturbing.

Remember Chewels? Those were the bomb.

something blue said...

2badladies – Goodie! I prefer Excel. I’ll be watching for that commercial!

Gingajoy - Thanks for dropping by.

Bridgermama – K’s not going to know what hit him.

Nicole – Treat indeed!

Mom 101 – It appeals to the suicidal crowd.

Mama Tulip – Dentyne should be paying me.

Domesticator – So you’re a visual person like me.

Sunshine Scribe – Yes that is a horrible commercial! I added it for humor.

Mrs. Chicky – Oh yes, it will work. Your mouth will be slightly on fire.

Rhonda – I hope Dentyne sends me a cheque.

Mommy off the record – That cheque is getting larger!

Lena – Nope but I’m really not a gum connoisseur. Maybe I couldn’t get them in Canada.

Whew that was quite the exercise.

Andrea said...

That's quite the video you put up. I'm going to go turn on my heater now just so I don't freeze and have my head fall off by association.

kittenpie said...

I loved the packaging too - but I must say, I am also loveing the content of the orange version! I couldn't figure out what it would taste like, so I bought some. Yum.