Monday, April 17, 2006


I'm all for a rock show in a small venue. Miracles never cease; Colin and I escaped our routine. We actually went out together! It was a date night. A good friend looked after the girls so that we could check out Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders. My ears are still ringing.

It was a good set. Their album has not yet been released in Canada, so they played to a half filled room of hipsters. In Toronto the big show tonight was Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab For Cutie.

Taylor seemed a bit nervous as he drummed and sang his way through eleven of his own songs. He mentioned that the band ate at Coco Lezzone. He claims his band mates are the best jazz musicians playing rock. (For this being their inaugural tour, they are very tight.) They played a tease of a Rush anthem and for their encore they came out with "Hotel California." Taylor announced that the band was “horny and rough and ready." They weren't the only ones.

Half the entertainment was the girls standing in front of us. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on their conversation. They complained that it would be better if the men they dated were single but they just couldn’t help the fact that they are married. Of course they felt it was wrong that “Jeff” was with one of them while his wife was pregnant with his son. Of course Jeff had told her that his wife was a crazy bitch so that seemed to justify the situation for them. Here is a wake up call. What else would he say?

The other girl spent most of the night glued to her phone sending text messages and sharing received ones with her hussy friend. Technology advances ruin a good rock concert.

I had an overwhelming desire to accidentally spill a drink on these two skanks. In the end I didn’t think they were worth the price of my drink.

14 Singing the blues:

Sunshine Scribe said...

Oh fun night. I am jealous.

But those little tramps in front of you...I wouldn't have wasted my drink either but I may have accidentally tripped and wasted theirs all over their whoring shoes. Oh did that sound bad?

Mega Mom said...

I would have had a really hard time holding back, but I'm glad you did :)

Pattie the Domesticator said...

UGH! Sounds like the girls in front of you and the jerks they are dating deserve each other.
My heart breaks for the poor wife at home. What is wrong with people???

BTW: I would love to go to a concert again! Ahh...the pleasant feeling of ringing ears...I love it!

Marcie said...

Rock-jazz musicians that throw in some Rush and Eagles. Sounds really different and good. Don't you love getting to go out with the husband. It's been awhile since we've gone out. We're due!

something blue said...

Sunshine Scribe - That didn't sound bad at all.

Mega Mom - It took every ounce of my fibers!

Domesticator - I feel for the wife too. Ultimately the cheater is the worst but I have great disdain for the tramps.

My husband insisted on wearing earplugs but I would rather not have the muffled concert effect so I choose to slightly lose my hearing after every concert.

Marcie - Hope you get a fun night out soon!

rhonda said...

If I had a few drinks in me, I probably would have tried to say something worthwhile, but it would have come out pretty darn stupid :)

Sounds like a fun night though!

Mom101 said...

Oh, you're making me miss my college days as a drummer's girlfriend (that's GIRLFRIEND, not groupie), several nights a week spent in clubs just like this one. Only I was obligated to be nice to the skanks unless they were hitting on my guy directly. Sounds like you had a great night, horniness and all.

J's Mommy said...

Oh you're so wrong, people like that are so worth an accidental drink drop. i can't stand when shit like that happens. still, glad you had fun!

MrsFortune said...

Well, it depends ... if it was a super cheap drink, like a Schlitz or something, then it'd be worth it. Totally.

Getting annoyed with people at concerts makes me feel old. I got really pissed off at some people behind me duirng a PJ Harvey concert cuz they were talking. But like LOUDLY and she's someone you really want to listen to, no? Anyway.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Well, you could have accidentally bumped into them and spilled their drinks but its just as well that you took the high road. Its not worth ruining your night out on Skanky and Miss Texts-a-lot.

Whoo... "horny and rough and ready" at a concert. Aw, those were the days.

Izzy said...

Back in the day, an intoxicated Izzy would have "addressed" the skanks. These days? I dunno. I'm never intoxicated OR

Lucky you for getting out!

cameo said...

i would have addressed the skanks! and i would have done it sober, too. oh no, i'm not patting myself on the back. i just can't keep my mouth shut in situations like that. i would have given them something to think about - like the concept of self-respect.

something blue said...

Maybe I should have had way more drinks and took one for the team! I wish you could have been there Cameo. I would have loved seeing you put them in their place.

Mrs. Fortune - I feel ancient at concerts. I'm no longer relating to the twenty something crowds. Yes PJ Harvey concerts most definitely require listening skills. Love her!

Mom 101 - I always wished for a drummer boyfriend. I wanted to know if they really have the beat. *blush* My husband played the cymbals and bass drum in a marching band. That's the closest I'll get.

Mrs. Davis said...

Hooray for a night out! Why do there always have to be annoying people sitting nearby at concerts?