Thursday, June 22, 2006

Caught up in life

I'm going into withdrawal from not writing and limited reading. More coffee please! Overall the family unit is adjusting wonderfully and I will learn to multi-task with a few pointers.

Subscribing to
Bloglines is making life easier. How did I ever manage before? (Well I was thankful for other blogrolls that magically got blogrolling to work. I'm not that s-m-r-t.)

Here's a big shout out to
Mama C-ta for making Buttercups legs all toasty with BabyLegs. She's still got a couple pairs to give away! Hurry on over... If I never had children, I would not have been inspired to start this mommy blog, would never have found all the likeminded individuals and I'd be lacking the bighearted free goodies. Procreating rules!

Toronto will see some of the
blogworld unite on June 30th! How cool will it be to meet these people that I have put onto a blog pedestal? I have no words so I'm making them up. UltraFabO'licious. Megawondermoment. Hopefully I will get a grip and have some real words for these fine ladies.

I've got plenty of thoughts writing themselves in my mind. Soon I will devote time to forming sentences. As soon as I get some sleep. Until then I leave you with a picture that makes me smile.

13 Singing the blues:

carrie said...

What a cute pic of the sisters!!

Have fun at the blog conference!!


Marcie said...

Sweet little girls:)

Andrea said...

Your children are just too cute.

Mommy off the Record said...

I am having trouble keeping up with the reading and writing myself. My internet at home is down so that kinda puts a kink in the whole blogging thing.

I wish I could join your blogger meeting, but I'm in CA. Boo hoo.

Sweet picture!

oh, and thanks for the linky love!

Mega Mom said...

#1 I still don't know what bloglines is :)

#2 If I have a girl I WANT those baby adorable!

#3 I'm going to expedia to check on tix!

chelle said...

Glad you discovered Bloglines...I would be lost without it!!

Those leggings are sooo cute!!!

UGH!!! I lived so close to Toronto last year!!!! Now California is way too far even for the coolest bloggers!

mamatulip said...

Dude, Bloglines changed my life.

lildb said...

LOVE those girls. what dolls. oy. how do you stand it?

also, my skin seems to be taking on a greenish hue. either the flu is getting worse, or I'm wearing my emotions on my, er, body. 'cause I'm jealous that you goils all get to hang out.

on the other hand, I'm happy/excited/desperate for snaps of the occasion. :)

*gives J. a big squeeze*

kittenpie said...

so glad you're coming! I am signing up for all events happening day or night on the 30th, so I'll see you at whatever portion of the day you can make it to. Fun fun fun! I am so excited.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Oh, the picture! So sweet.

I am so green with envy over the great Toronto blogger love-in. Hoist a few for us blog friends to the south.

Her Bad Mother said...

That picture makes me smile, to. Grin, actually. Grin big. While saying aaawww.

nonlineargirl said...

Your daughters are so beautiful. I want to reach through the screen and hug them.

Nancy said...

Yep, we're definitely living parallel lives -- I had the same experience as a kid, with being the outcast in a group of supposed "friends." It's something you never forget.

I hope our lives continue to parallel since I'm headed to BlogHer at the end of the month, and I want to have as wonderful a time as you had with the other Toronto area bloggers!