Thursday, July 20, 2006

No words

This crazy sore throat, coughing, knock you down flat virus has made its way to me. I had moments of delirious grandeur today after I dropped the girls off at daycare and spent the entire day on my couch. I feel for stay at home moms who don't get the luxury of being drop dead sick.

Until later, I leave you with some highlights from Buttercup's Big Day!

I like to party party!

I need just a little taste. You know to make sure it's ok for the rest of you.

The party is not over until someone passes out.

Visions of chocolate and pink icing dance through her head.

Cake - Round 2! I love it this much!

13 Singing the blues:

metro mama said...

Adorable. Looks like a great day.

kittenpie said...

So cute sleeping in her stroller! I really am sorry I missed it, despite what I said about "you're welcome" - would have been fun to get the blogger babes together.

Chantal said...

Now that is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. The cake looks really freaking yummy too.

chelle said...

Awwwwww great birthday pics!!!!!!!!!

I just got over the evil cold!! I am so sorry you are sick it sucks....and yeah stay at home moms....never get a day OFF!!!

Feel better soon!

carrie said...

Beautiful pics, hope that you feel better soon!


mamatulip said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. I hope it exits quickly.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, your daughter is just BEAUTIFUL.

Sunshine Scribe said...

Those photos are perfect. She is gorgeous. I am so sorry we missed her birthday celebration.

I hope you feel better soon Jana. Take care.

Mrs. Chicky said...

She's going to love those pictures of her first birthday when she gets older. They're perfect! And she is such a sweet girl, especially covered with chocolate cake and icing.

I hope you feel better soon!

Lindsay said...

could she be any cuter??????
i love cake face pics... they are always the BEST!

cameo said...

feel better!

love the pictures!

Pattie the Domesticator said...

Thanks for sharing the party pics...looks like your little darling had quite the day! I hope you are feeling better soon :)

AC said...

Happiest of birthdays, and your earlier post is so beautiful....Anne

lildb said...

it's lucky I wasn't there, because I would've ignored the cake and eaten that DELICIOUS baby.


one year. doesn't it kill ya?


p.s. gah. the illness has taken you. I hope you kick its arse quick, dolly.