Monday, July 24, 2006

Venting can be as necessary as breathing

This weekend Colin was off gallivanting around cottage land with The Boys. He was on a mission to test the levels of testosterone in a small town bar after one too many drinks. Why is it that their version of the story is sometimes a little hard to believe? I'm trying to convince him to become a contributor to this blog so that he can share his stories here.

Mess with my daddy and I'll take ya!

For the first time I was left to my own devices for 29.5 hours straight with the two purely innocent looking hell raisers. It was great if you minus being trapped inside due to the rain and that Buttercup took this opportunity to push out two new teeth. My weekend plans of writing and getting caught up on commenting around the blogoshere were quickly pushed aside. I didn't get the opportunity to watch anything other than toddler TV. The Dinosaur DVD we rented wouldn't play past chapter nine and I was utterly too involved in this children's tale. I didn't even treat myself to some delivered Thai cuisine.

I have become desperately seeking sleep. I crave it. I start to blame my lack of sanity on not having more than four hours of unconsciousness in a row. I used to dream vivid, colourful, wild adventures. I don't get around to dreaming at all now. I just crash until I am bolted awake by the sound of a child stirring or my senile cat howling and scratching the walls. Monty this is not an endearing trait. Don't make me feed you to the raccoons.

In the good 'ole days when my weekend consisted of having a serious social life, I would get home from a night on the town around 3 A.M., easily sleep until 4 P.M. the next afternoon, lounge around my apartment for a few hours until I dolled myself up for another night out. I gave up that lifestyle as the numbers started to creep on but it's fun to compare it to say this particular weekend.

Now my idea of a good time is waiting for Colin to return home so that I can steal away to the laundry room to sort clothes. Oh, man... it was a moment for me. It was the most relaxing ten minutes I've had in a long time.

14 Singing the blues:

Anonymous said...
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metro mama said...

I hear you. BP worked most of the weekend and the days were pretty long. It's hard when the rain keeps you inside.

I miss those nights of staying out until 3 am sometimes.

Nicole said...

A rainy weekend alone with the kids, God Bless You! I don't do well alone with the kids. It's too exhausting!

BTW, cute picture!

Mega Mom said...

Holy crap who is that anonymous guy? :))

When is YOUR weekend away?

something blue said...

Wahoo! My first spam. *delete*

I've got a weekend away planned for September! If I have a hard time managing, I worry for my husband.

Her Bad Mother said...

Buttercup and WonderBaby are sporting the same hairdo these days, it seems.

I feel for you on the sleep thing, really. But I have to admit that I'm kind of wishing the worst for my Husband for BlogHer weekend so that he can know what it feels like. OK, not really. But kinda.

chelle said...

I need a weekend alone. Wow that would be amazing!!

Sounds like a crazy weekend ... rain, teeth and a bummed DVD!!

hehe the laundry room sounds fun!

cameo said...

isn't it twisted how the tasks of cleaning or folding laundry become what we WANT to do! i don't understand this! but, i know that when i get some time, i want to get things done! i think it's because i believe that when these things are accomplished, THEN i will actually get to sit my ass down and relax! HA! after all these years, i still haven't figured out that's NOT the way things work! the shit never ends. i'm trying to learn to be lazy. now that's twisted, no?

Naomi said...

Ahhh...a weekend alone...just the thought of it makes me quiver...

My nanny is off this week, so I'm full time no breathing mummy. It's exhausting, and it's only Tuesday.

Sunshine Scribe said...

Sounds like you deserve a weekend away for sure.

My guy travels ALOT. Like he's gone more than he is home. I know I only have one but it's damn hard. Gives me a whole new respect for single moms.

Loving Buttercup's hair by the way :)

mamatulip said...

The fact that Dave travels very little within his job is something that, honestly, I thank god for every. single. day. I love my children and I love staying home with them, but by the time 4.30 rolls around, I'm ready for another adult to help out.

That picture? AWESOME! I love the hair and her eyes are just striking. And you have my sympathies on the teething...Oliver's cutting a bazillion right now and he's a titch miserable at times.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Ugh, teething is a bitch. And so is payback when you get your weekend away. Better make sure you've got a DVD that plays all the way to the end when it's your husband's turn to watch the kiddies.

LOVE that picture!

Mommy off the Record said...

I can so relate. On the days that I stay home with Little Guy, once my husband comes home, I can't wait to hand the baby over and get to doing some chores. It's like a break for me. Who'd ever thought that cleaning could be relaxing?!

P.S. Great picture!

lildb said...

oy vey. I'm so miserable when my husband ditches us for grander, less familialy (is that a word? meh) responsible settings, and this is with one. tiny. child.

what the eff am I gonna do when I'm bound by another wee human? I mean it - how do you survive solo parenting for any length of time with two babies?

I'm amazed and impressed that you didn't hire a bevvy of sitters and run off to Portland for the weekend. heh/wink. :p