Monday, November 13, 2006

No Plastic Required

It's hard to come up with anything witty when I'm too busy pretend shopping. I'm Stylehiving to beat the band. The only thing better than virtual shopping is to turn it into a game where I have a score! When other people add one of my items to their own list, I get a point. My ultra competitive personality has kicked into overdrive.

I can't stop adding pretty things to my list. Now I just need to arrange for Brangelina to drop a parachute of large bills over my house. How could I possibly go another day without caffeinated soap, cupcake containers, designer ducks or a smores maker?

The stars may be slightly out of whack because I never would have dreamt that I would be sharing the following details.

When you send two guys to get a movie and suggest the new Harrison Ford DVD, imagine my confusion when they return with Matthew McConaughey. Who has possessed my anti-chick flick husband? This has to be the work of a pretty sales girl at Blockbuster.

A very sleepy Strawberry sighs. "Mommy, I need new batteries." This go-go gadget girl never gets tired.

What is the world coming to? Should I be stocking up on candles, bottled water, canned goods and cereal? I think I better buy a bottle of Gin incase of an emergency.

6 Singing the blues:

Mother Bumper said...

He did really come back with Failure to Launch, did he? Woah - that is some sales girl (I'd like to hear how the movie was btw).

Aren't all shelters supposed to be stocked with Gin and batteries? Or is that just an east coast thing?

Mrs. Chicky said...

Ooh ooh me! I totally want a smores maker. I need one more useless gadget to collect dust on my shelf. :)

kittenpie said...

Yeah, Pumpkinpie has been greeting me as I pick her up from daycare, "I'm tiii-yerd." We may have to start hurrying up the bedtime routine, though I maintain that if she'd just stop waking up at 6:30, all would be right. What is that about, anyway?

sunshine scribe said...

Strawberry cracks me up. But Colin cracks me up more. I must know how he was convinced to get a chick flick ... my man woudl sooner perish!

niloc said...

arrg! the movie had nothing to do with me. i was all for the techno-geek Harrison Ford saves the day but my buddy opted for the chick flick. we were at the blockbuster for way too long. every movie i was interested in Derek has already seen. (see the difference? kids - no time for movies. no kids - seen everything that's on the shelves) we were there for 20 minutes at least and we did get some assistance from a blockbuster employee but was this short little rotund dude who never heard of the movie we really wanted. - A Love Song for Bobby Long. please take note that Scarlett Johansson receives second billing after Mr.Disco-Sciencetologist.

so yeah. we came home with a chick flick. the movie was a little campy and had some predictable moments but they were well balanced by other scenes that were hilarious. (i did not need to see Terry Bradshaws naked ass mind you) Zooey Deschanel was an unexpected highlight in the movie. you might know her from Almost Famous. Failure To Launch gets one and a half short little rotund dude blockbuster employee's thumbs up.

we now return you to the original blog. sorry for the hijack.

chelle said...

hehe I have peeked over at stylehive and had decided all that drooler would cause me to get pimples, so I ran away!

My husband endures chick flicks ... but he is smart :P