Monday, November 06, 2006

Surprise Guest Post

Today Buttercup walked five steps. At Daycare. I am wallowing in self pity because I did not witness her first steps. There was no repeat performance no matter how much I pleaded and cheered this evening.

This is where my post would have ended but I found a surprise e-mail. Even though he's had a starring role featured here as my husband, after meeting the
mommy bloggers, maybe he's been inspired to take it up a notch. Plus why didn't I think of it earlier? It is pure genius to include guest writers in November! This is the first entry by niloc, my backwards husband.

So Jana started this crazy NoBlowSomething post a day for the month of November and I understand what a challenge it can be to write consistently for a whole month. She has asked me for help but I know she meant around the house or with the girls. I don’t think she would expect to find this in her email or if she would even use it in a pinch or not. (I totally expect to be edited in some way or other.) I don’t know the rules for the post a day thing. A post is a post. It doesn’t really matter who writes it.

Today I was feeling the dent that I put into that vodka bottle last night. Waking up with the baby on the couch was a bit of a surprise this morning. The rest of the day was muddy and it took us forever to get the ball rolling just to get out of the house to get groceries. The girls were also cranky and tired to top it all off. It would have been a great night to veg out and curse the beginning of another work week… but I had a concert to go to.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (yes, that’s the real name of the band) are from Austin, Texas and are one of those bands that won’t ever have a Top 40 hit. They fit into the college radio, emo/alt rock/punk sound that I love. I try to catch them every time they come to town. Their shows always sell out so I was happy to get my tickets early from Rotate This. I called my brother up to make plans for when and where to meet before the show and he tells me he’s tired and didn’t feel like going. He's younger, with no kids, what kind of excuse is that? The ticket was paid for so no big deal. It was only 20 bucks. I’ve sold tickets at the door before. It was just a bit of a pain in the ass that he copped out on me. I got to the Phoenix early enough to try and sell it but gave up after twenty minutes or so. More kids were coming out of the bar than there were going in. I hate wasting a ticket. I would have given it away to a fan if I had the chance. When I did go in the doorman overly scrutinized my ID. Next year I am going to be twice the legal drinking age and I’m being sized up by some dummy no-neck bouncer. Instead of being annoyed, I guess I should act like a chick and take it as a compliment.

Anyways… the point of all of this is that the Trail of Dead has a song called "Will You Smile Again?" that reminds me of a good friend. The creative energy whether you are an author or a musician is the same but louder. The lyrics explain the need to express yourself. This is something that every writer must relate to.

"...the paper's your soul and your blood's in the pen
And maybe then you'd see the light
And read the truth that you had to write."

11 Singing the blues:

Kristen said...

What a lifesaver he is for you!! I'd KILL to have mine send me a post when I just can't get one out- and believe me that is normal for me! That is precisly why I cannot do the post a day- no material!! : )

And I'm so sorry you missed Buttercups first steps- don't worry there will be more steps- pretty soon she'll be teetering around your house with the balance of a drunk uncle on Thanksgiving!

Pattie said...

I can imagine how surprising it would be to find the baby in the couch with you! *LOL*
I have certainly found my husband sleeping on the couch more than once with all three kids cuddled up in the crevices on a few nights that I've gone out with my friends. He doesn't always get them to bed first which drives me insane, but nobody else seems to mind!

I have not heard of that band, but if they have a sound suitable for college radio, I would probably like them. After all, they earned a parental advisory label. What's not to like? :)

Mother Bumper said...

Great quote and very timely - we need to express ourselves and here is our chance to do it for an audience. Great post niloc ;) And you are a true music fan to go given the circumstances of waking up with a baby on the couch.

SBB - I'm sorry that you missed the steps so here's a big (((hug))) for you. Bumper says hurray for Buttercup!

metro mama said...

Hey, excellent post! You'll be addicted in no time.

It was great meeting you the other night. I was hungover too.

SBB, I'm sorry about the steps.

kittenpie said...

Ha, I knew someone once who wanted one of their album covers for a tattoo...

How nice of you to step in and help! Good to meet you this weekend and see Jana (who I adore) again - we'll be inviting you to bring the girls over some time soon.

nomotherearth said...

I missed The Boy's first steps too. We dropped him off at The Parents to go see a movie, and by the time we got back, he was walking.

Niloc/Colin - You're right. Your brother has no excuse to be tired! ;-)

Her Bad Mother said...

No excuses, indeed. (Good to see you out here in the blogosphere, Colin!)

And, SB? I missed WB's first laugh - I was giving a lecture, and my SIL got the laugh. I feel ya.

something blue said...

Hey hun, thanks for this!

Sorry I wouldn't let you post all of the lyrics for this song here. Something about publishing... needing permission... yada yada yada... Such is life.

Can I just say that when I read "let me whisper something in your ear" that I laughed so hard that I forgot to breath. Visions of you whisper sweet nothings in said friend's ear were too funny.

penelopeto said...

nice job niloc!

I also missed bee's first steps - happened my first week back at work and it was pretty devastating (but happy too, y'know, cuz she walked).

don't worry, she'll be running straight into your arms in no time.

sunshine scribe said...

Yay for Colin! I love that he guest posted. We must have inspired him on Saturday. Loved it!

Derek said...

mmm ... let's see if anyone is paying attention.

Colin thanks for the shameless publicity - I need all of the help I can get. Now that we know you can string words together in a respectable manner - why not get your own fire hydrant to piss on? But make things a little darker then they are here - in this part of the blog universe things are just a little too sunshine and lolly pops for me. It all smells just a little too much like carbolic soap. There is something silently ominous about it.

I digress - everyone uses a blog for different reasons. We all want our own fix to feed our inner-celebrity and we do it the way we see fit.

I have to go now, I think my kidney just exploded; if you want to see how my blog looks turn over this rock: