Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tears in My Bonbons

I've been feeling emotional all week. I am one thread away from unraveling.

I know what is required of me. I must rent a sappy, tug at the heartstrings drama. In my pajamas, under a blanket I should curl up on the sofa. I will keep one hand within reaching distance of a box of soft tissues and the other for delivering delicious chocolates.

I need to cry a river.

It is preferable that I use a make believe person's tragedy to bring on the tears. Sometimes it plain old sucks to be a girl. A man would never, ever write this post. Just picturing a sensitive ponytail boy in his Joe Boxers watching Steel Magnolias with a bowl of chocolates brings a huge smile to my face.

Another thing that inspires pure delight is the arrival of a new baby for Mega Mom. Go see the photos and give her props!

7 Singing the blues:

kittenpie said...

I have a whole bunch of time off coming, and I have been hanging on by a thread myself waiting for it. Long live vacation days! (I also decided to let myself off the hook for the handmade gifty I wanted to do and don't have time or energy for.)

Kate said...

I hear ya - I need one of those every once in a while. I had a big cry when I heard a very emotional news story the other day. That got it out of my system. We all need a good flush every once in a while.

Heather said...

The speed at which I could devour that huge bowl of chocolates could make anyone blush. I love a good cry once in a while.

Lisa b said...

Is that a bowl of JS bonbons?
because trust me they will cure anything.
I could eat a bag of her chocolate dipped candied orange peel.

Mother Bumper said...

I get like that every so often and your remedy (sad movie and chocolates) sounds perfect. I was already halfway there but I fixated on the Ben&Jerry's side of things.

Mega Mom said...

Aren't you sweet? I hope you got in a good cry and are eating a big jug of ice cream!

sunshine scribe said...

Oh you sound so much like me. A big bowl of ice cream and a tear jerker always do the trick :)