Monday, November 27, 2006

Volcano of Love

There are moments that I look forward to every day. It is a series of events that cause the same response. My heart comes to a sudden stop right before it explodes into a million drops of melted syrup.

The first moment of the day comes when I go to Buttercup's crib. I am met with the happiest of smiles and hands that reach out to me. In her eyes I can see that there is nothing better than waking up to find your mommy.

Their eyes tell many tales of wonder. Children's videos could never bore me as I can sit for eternity and watch the amazement written in their every expression. They are open books. I read their every thought, as they are captivated with learning something new. Everything is a learning experience. They take it all in absorbing songs, numbers, emotions, language. They'll wait a few days and then repeat something that they saw or heard.

I love taking Strawberry's hand in mine as we walk. The feel of her three year old fingers pressed tightly in mine is as much comfort to me as it is to her. I feel united with liveliness. Mother and daughter ready to take on the world.

I love placing a kiss on the sweet baby fullness of Buttercup's cheeks. I love the eruption of giggles that come when I kiss her neck. I love that she has reached the age that she has discovered her body. She lifts her t-shirt to expose her belly button and she doesn't hesitate to stick out her belly to admire her own tummy.

I love how Buttercup is learning words through songs. She pretends to know all the words as she sings along to A,B,C,D, Row Row Row Your Boat, Wheels on the Bus, and so forth. Her own language carries the melody.

I love when Strawberry declares that she is protecting her sister from falling off the couch. I love when she notices that her little sister can do more things and she says that Buttercup is big now gleefully.

I love that when I return home from work both girls light up when they see me. They titter with excitement and smother me with hugs.

At the end of the day, I love Strawberry's bedtime ritual. We lie in her bed and read three books. Three is the magic number because she is three years old. I love when she places her arm around me and tells me what she will soon be dreaming.

Every day I am struck with awe and filled full to the top with love.

Here is a picture from their first week together.

Over at MommyBlogsToronto, you can meet Mouse and her family!

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Awesome Mom said...

That is the best part about being a mother, watching your children grow up. It is also wonderful seeing how the sibling relationship develops.

krista said...

So nice.

Mouse said...

I can't think of much that's sweeter than the moments when Scooter slides his little hand into mine of his own volition. And seeing those eyes light up--for me when I pick him up from daycare.

Mother Bumper said...

awwww shucks... you made me misty. I love those daily moments so very much - they keep me going.

bubandpie said...

I love that process of discovery from older sibling to younger. For Bub, it has always come as an immense surprise when Pie hits a milestone - he doesn't have the receptive language skills to understand that she is a baby who is growing up, so every milestone just fills him with amazement. They are such playmates now - I love it.

metro mama said...

What a beautiful photo.

I can picture Cakes helping out a little sibling. Or maybe just bonking her on the head.

chelle said...

You stated it all so magically. It makes me hope for another little girl (although I really truly want a boy!)

Your children are so precious! Being a mom rocks doesn't it?

kittenpie said...

Aw, honey, now I'm all gooey too... Thanks. I need that, since bedtimes the last few nights have been all kinds of hellacious.

crazymumma said...

I really hope you read this to them. It will make them so happy that you are filled to the brim with sticky syrupy drops of love for them.
On a bad day, kissing their cheeks, looking into their eyes is redeeming.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I LOVE that picture. They look like two little dolls.

Now I'm going to go make my kid giggle by kissing her neck.

jen said...

what a precious, gorgeous post.

it is amazing, isn't it, how we can be all but crippled by love for them every single day.

and those curls. yum.

Alley Cat said...

I don't think I can express it with as much syrup as you have, but you describe the best thing about motherhood to a tee. I am actually surprised at the emotions that I feel towards my daughter. I always knew I would love my child, but I didn't know it could be this much.

sunshine scribe said...

Melt :)