Sunday, November 26, 2006

Everything Under The Sun and The Moon

We're in the home s-t-r-e-t-c-h! I'm looking forward to November being finished so I can go back to quality over quantity in this little place of my world. Plus I can't wait for more Holiday parties, a Christmas tree, sparkly lights and baked goodness! Mmmmm... December! Only five more sleeps!

Walmart Studios offered up another package of photos without so much as a blink of an eye. So that is yes to free photos but they have no monkeys for sale.

Today husband and I were on each other’s case so I decided to take Strawberry to the movies. She insisted on seeing Happy Feet, because I made the mistake of showing her the trailer. It's not the best children's movie. It was hard for her to follow and there were some scary bits. Thankfully the music was its saving grace.

I profusely apologize on my lack of commenting. When I finally whip off a few words, I have been making a mumble jumble mess so I'm sorry for being slightly brain dead. As I mentioned over at Kittenpie's, December I will be spreading comments everywhere! Hopefully not just half baked ones.

If I could ask for a wee favour, would you kindly go to this sunny spot? My guest blog post has not brought in her usual volume of visitors. I've watered her plants and I keep going to gather her mail but there is hardly anything there. I'm afraid that I'll be labeled bad guest hostess. I suppose I should have shared the PG version of losing my virginity instead of the post that is up but I was afraid of turning Sandra's blog into one of those blogs. While I'm on the topic of Sunshine Scribe, have you voted today?

I must close off this rambling nonsense to share that my absolute, permanent, ear to ear grin is due to the return of MamaTulip. I'm off to thank all those stars I wished upon.

9 Singing the blues:

nomotherearth said...

Way to go you for sticking it out for the entire month. I couldn't have done it.

By the way, I read your monkey post and I feel your pain. Why WHY? don't they have employees at WalMart? Is it a conspiracy?? I hope you chose the picture of them sitting in the snow - how lovely!

Wendy said...

Friday being a P.E. day, I treated Cooper to lunch and a movie. We almost went to see "Happy Feet" but instead decided to catch "Flushed Away". It's a cute little movie with some laugh out loud parts. Both of us really enjoyed it. The 5 year old in me loves to watch cartoons in a movie theatre munching on popcorn.

Heather said...

Commented on guest post? Check
Thrilled to hear mamatulip is back? Definitely. Thanks for the heads up.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I am still amazed that you have posted every day. I think that's more admirable than commenting everywhere.

mamatulip said...

Aw, thanks, girl! It's good to be back. :)

Mother Bumper said...

Doesn't it feel great? I'm happy for the return of mamatulip too.

chelle said...

Congrats on making it the entire month! Sorry I have not stopped by more but blogger is not pinging when people update and i am so not a manual girl!

something blue said...

NME - I did go with the Snow portrait.

Wendy - We should have gone to see Flushed Away. I love popcorn too!

Heather - Thanks! You rock!

Mrs. Chicky - Too many times, I've left comments and the words go all blah. I feel badly for leaving such a mess on someone else's site. Oh the guilt. At least I spell check before I post here!

MamaTulip - You were missed times a million.

MB - Oh yah! I've let out a hugh sigh of relief.

Chelle - I know! Sucky beta. Bloglines so doesn't see the Beta Bloggers right now. We're here!

sunshine scribe said...

I almost stopped reading your backlog of posts ... girl Nanoblopo is KILLING me ... you are the only person I'll do this for :)

And then I find out you were rallying for visitors at my place ... so cute. But what's more . MAMA TULIP IS BACK?!?! I am so glad I kept reading. Hooray!!!!!!!