Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Preview of F

Colin has been going on about the Hammerhead, pods and fingers. He has complained incessantly about being tired from never-ending walking. As the big project is nearing completion, he couldn't wait to show us where he's been spending his days.

This past Sunday we toured the new Pier F at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. It will become a hub of commuters between North America and the world as of January 30th. It was a real treat to have a sneak peak at the place that will see millions of travelers. It was magnificent and gleaming. Without the hordes of scowling people rushing to their gates, it was beyond spacious.

Of course we made the long trek out there and realized that we forgot the camera at home. In this day and age, you'd think one of our cell phones would at least be able to snap a few shots but technology advanced we are not.

Strawberry got to test out the moving walkways and climb on dozens of green seats. The highlight was the acoustically superb art. Richard Serra's Tilted Spheres is wondrous. We stomped, clapped and sang our way through the curved steel sculpture numerous times. The girls got to sit on Gwynn Murrill's Tigers.

I know the next time that I'm taking an international flight I'll be leaving from Gate 179. (One of the furthest possible gates on the Hammerhead.) However I'll be sure to arrive early so that I can take in the experience again with awe.

5 Singing the blues:

chelle said...

How wonderful that he had a part to play in that!!
Congrats on the completion (almost?)

Mother Bumper said...

I had no idea that Pier F was happening - lucky you for getting the sneak peek. I tried to volunteer to be a "traveler" before they opened the newest terminal (when they were testing efficiency) but missed the boat. I love the art work that they are putting in these public places - it makes waiting more enjoyable.

niloc said...

i am surprised you left out the whole journey on the Link. the automated mono rail that runs between Terminal 1, 3 and the parking lot on the far side of airport road.

the unmanned, slow-moving roller coaster.

jen said...

that must be an extreme sense of accomplishment...congrats.

crazymumma said...

good for him. is there going to be a fabulous party in celebration?